The suffering

Here in the spiritual realms, where all of you also have your eternal existence, even if you are temporarily unaware of this truth, we are observing with joy your continuing magnificent progress towards the moment of your awakening. As we have often told you, and as I repeat now “There will be no delays!” God’s plan is always perfectly on schedule and on time, although for you who are “seemingly” limited by and locked into the illusion, and who have been following with hope the various uplifting messages relayed to you over the eons by many holy channels, it does appear that nothing much is changing on Earth.

Many of you who have experienced PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) are aware that it can be intensified by recurring nightmares of a quite horrific nature, further stressing you out because there is no escape from it, even in sleep. The illusion is a similar nightmare for many of you – on top of any new PTSD that may have been caused by traumas during your current earth lives – in so far as it is ongoing with very little sign that it is only a nightmare, because it appears to be so real and because you do not seem able to awaken from it. However, you do get some respite when you sleep, because your higher Self withdraws you from your body for brief periods to recuperate at night so that you can carry on with the human life path that you have chosen to follow this time around.

Yes, for many of you this particular life time is intensely stressful and unsettling because it appears even more real than previous ones. This is because over the eons you have accumulated much negative karma all of which needs to be addressed and released in this life time so that you can move forwards to your awakening as divinely planned and intended. When you chose this particular incarnation you knew it would be very hard work, very demanding, and very stressful, but with much forethought and with some extremely wise guidance to help you in your choice, you decided that it was the best path for you in this now moment. Having to accept amnesia as part of the deal does not make it any easier for you.

However, all on Earth are doing sterling work and making tremendous and most effective efforts to collectively bring humanity to its moment of awakening, and you will succeed most wonderfully. You are receiving an amazing amount of help from your brothers and sisters in the spiritual realms, and the Light of Love burning powerfully at the deepest center of your individual divine beingness is nourishing you, and encouraging you forwards. Failure to awaken is neither an option nor even a remote possibility. Keep reminding yourselves of this truth, especially when you feel weary, or when doubts and anxieties plague you. You most definitely are achieving what you set out to do, and nothing can prevent you from reaching your goal.

You need to keep reminding yourselves that you are immortal; perfect divine beings created by your loving Father to enjoy eternally the gifts with which He showered you when He created you. Gifts that enable you to create as He does. Yes, you do have the power to create! He created you and then gave to you every part or aspect of Himself; He made you equal to Him so that you could engage fully with Him in all your creative endeavors. There is no hierarchy in Heaven because all are One.

Of course you then used your limitless freedom to build a severely limited and imaginary environment in which to play your games of separation, separation from the Source that maintains you eternally alive and abundantly well. Not a terribly good idea. But God knew that you would quickly learn that it had been unwise to discard the wonderful gifts with which He had endowed you, by placing yourselves in a spartan environment with very tight restraints on your freedom of movement, and that you would quickly start to seek your way Home. Those gifts await your willingness to reclaim them, and they will assist you on your homewards journey.

No longer able to roam freely throughout all of creation, you began to get irritated with one another, blaming one another for the situations in which you found yourselves – cold, wet, hungry, and fearful – having totally forgotten that you had made this unwelcoming environment and the weak and feeble bodies in which you had enclosed yourselves.

Yes, amnesia is part of the illusion, a part that adds to its seeming reality for you. If you could remember God and Heaven the illusion would not work, and you very much wanted it to work, until it did! Then you seemingly found yourselves alone, cold, lost, confused, and frightened. You had forgotten Love. You desperately wanted Love, wanted to be loved because you felt so empty and unfulfilled without It. But you had forgotten what It was, you just knew that something was seriously wrong, something of great importance was missing, but you knew not what. You entered into relationships in the hope of finding that missing aspect of life in another, and that other sought it in you.

But of course It was within you, always! Not outside, in someone else who might be persuaded to give It to you. But you were blind to that Truth, and in your misery you turned on one another, or gathered in like minded groups for support, and fought those whom you saw as different from you, and therefore a threat to you that must be destroyed.

All your personal spiritual guides, and all the loving ones who channel guidance from the masters in the spiritual realms keep telling you that the way out of the illusion is to embrace Love, and only Love. There is nothing else. But still many of you have trouble with this “concept.” Within the illusion to rely on Love appears to be insane, an open invitation to others to rob you of all your worldly goods. And nearly all the business organizations on the planet are set up with the express intention of destroying other businesses and taking over their domains.

But, there are no worldly goods! Anything of a worldly nature, anything that has form, physical substance, exists only temporarily, and as soon as it is made or constructed it starts the process of its decay. It seems to you that the visible Universe, having existed for 13.7 billion years, is extremely old, but in truth that is but a blip, less even than a second or two as compared to eternity. It is just that as humans you experience life as very short, passing by very quickly, and in relation to the Universe your life spans are as nothing, unnoticeable in the larger scheme of things. But this is precisely the kind of separation you were seeking to experience when you constructed the illusion. And it is overwhelming for you to attempt to imagine your place and your importance – and you most certainly do want to be important – in the seemingly vast Universe of which you are each such small insignificant particles, existing for but a most fleeting moment on the enormous wheel of time.

So, be glad that it is all nothing but an illusion, an illusion that you built for yourselves and which you maintain by your belief in it! If this was not the case then your future would indeed be bleak. However, there is no future, and there is no past, there is only the eternal now moment in which all of God’s divine creation is eternally present in infinite joy. Your unavoidable destiny is to awaken and re-engage with your loving Source and experience that unutterable joy.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

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Adamos and Saint Germain – Happy World Thanksgiving Week! – Channeler Kathryn E May – 11-25-14

Higher Density Blog

“Tonight, Tonight, Won’t Be Just Any Night….“

Dear Ones,
It is such a celebratory time in the Heavens. I asked to be the one to present the message tonight, because it will be the last one before the RV, and I like to have the opportunity to “wrap up” the story about what Adamos and I have been doing to help bring in the happy event which will be the beginning of a brand new civilization on Planet Earth. Yes, a new civilization. Let us envision it together.

The prosperity which will wash over the planet in the aftermath of the revaluation will create massive changes. Of course, we cannot predict all that will happen, but we do know about several of the most dramatic shifts you can predict.

First, the banking industry will have a melt-down, as you would call it, because those in charge are now being prevented…

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Toth – the gates of Lemuria/Ascension – update

Shyaad and Toth:

Journey to the Gates of Lemuria

I am the temple dancer and guardian Shyaad. In the epoch of Atlantis I worked for you with so many temple dancer in the Halls of Amenti. We danced the dance of life for you, guided you into deep trance so that you were able to renew yourself without having to return home. Each and every one of you has temple dancers by his side.

Our tasks as guardians at this time is to guard and to watch over the gates of Lemuria. I have come here in order to prepare you for the dance of your life in front of the gates of Lemuria. With the fire light I guide you into the epoch of Lemuria where the guardians, many beings of the universe as well as Toth have gathered in order to receive you. Thus prepare yourself for the journey of fire. Follow the rhythm of the sounds, let yourself be lead and call up the magnificent energy in you, the golden angel. And he will unify your aspects. The guardians, the temple dancers as well as I, Shyaad, we love you, honor and respect you. And I say it with the words and with the sounds as we say them: SHAN’THIE’MAA, we serve you eternally. And thus the journey will begin now.

I speak the sounds of love. I speak to you. I look deep into your soul and welcome you in front of the gates of Lemuria. I am Toth. The Lemurian fire, it burns with a radiant power that touches your soul most deeply. For beyond your intellect your soul knows what is concealed behind this gate. It is the pure energy of the divine Reality and you feel how something in you changes. The guardians, they call you to gather around the fire together with them and the temple dancers dance in the rhythm of the energy, deeper and deeper, deeper and deeper. You join this energy. And Toth calls you to activate your Sinus Ray. Put your original name on the tip in the rhythm of the energy. Now see all the light beings who have gathered, who accompany you. You will see that Shyaad is standing in front of the gate and observes the event. I call you to try and to permit yourself to follow the rhythm of the sounds by sounding your original name again and again and speaking the words: “I am SO’HAM.” I know, I know that many of you can hardly wait for the gates of Lemuria to be able to open themselves. But it is not because of us, but Lady Gaia alone decides. But we announce, we announce now, together with you, the deep intention that we are ready. We will do this to the sounds of the divine Reality. And I call you: when you rise send your divine light and your sounds, your attributes onto the gate of Lemuria with your Sinus Ray and your original name.

(Music is played)

I am Shyaad. You have gone through all the epochs. Everything began with Lemuria. With each incarnation that was filled with light and love, that you have lived, your tracks you have put down, the path of love you have chosen. All of that is the reason that you are here now. For when the gates of Lemuria will be opened it is a new beginning and the old will no longer be. Everything you have done in your incarnations, all of that mirrors itself in the Lemurian fire. You have gone through so many epochs and incarnations and have completed them. What was it that drove you to return and to return onto Earth when you had gone back home into the universe? It was the promise that you once made in Lemuria, to be part of it when the energy change takes place. You have put up with much for it and have lived through many spiritual worlds. You followed the star and announced that the savior, God’s Son, will appear on Earth, then you went the path with him. The tracks of love, the glow, deep love could develop through that and redemption. With each incarnation, with each breath, with each loving thought, with all your hope, your trust, and your awareness we have made it this far together, that the expansion is already so high that although the gate will not be opened, the sluice gates will.

And in your honor, for all that you are, what you have done and what you will continue to do the guardians, the temple dancers, Toth and all light beings have gathered. And they would like to express their respect. And thus they will dance for you once more in the rhythm of the energy.

(Feel the dance, the energy)

I am Toth and would like to bring you the message that from this moment of the present time it is possible that the gates of Lemuria will open very quickly at any time. But we will let you know. There will be lasting change on this planet. For these energies you are taking back with you now are full of Lemurian fire. And Lady Gaia will absorb the glow of this Lemurian fire. And thus Shyaad and your guardian angel will bring you back.

I say to you A NI O’HEVED O’DRACH.


Ascension: update on the energies


  • Information about the Change of Ages

I, Kryon, will bring you messages of change. I have been chosen to speak to you through Sangitar.

Let us go back once more. For, for many human beings a certain date of your time was very important. It was 21 December 2012 of your time. Many human beings placed great hopes in this day. And many suspected that the high point of the ascension will take place on this exact day. There were also human beings who were very disappointed because this was not so. And there were even human beings who decided for themselves to turn away from us, the angels. But the process that is taking place on Earth is a process in the duality. And let me tell you: We beyond the veil observe the events, we observe the consciousness of Lady Gaia and we also observe the human beings. There are those who say: I have done so much already. When will the time finally arrive? And I, Kryon, tell you: Yes, you have done so much, for a long time, in so many incarnations and epochs. But in this incarnation a shift of time is like taking one breath. And still we could see that after this exact date very much has changed on Earth. On the one hand the energies are moving very, very much faster. Surely you have noticed that even linear time is changing. And that you cannot depend on what the dual time is saying. For sometimes an hour is like a minute. Sometimes two months are like two days.

There are so many changes. And the most important change has to be that it almost came to the high point of the ascension very recently. But it would have been an induced ascension and it would not have been so nice for Lady Gaia. Sangitar has asked me to choose human words. And so I would like to repeat here what has already been transmitted to you as message. When a woman carries a child in herself it is the nicest and most natural thing for the woman and also the child if the soul can choose when it would like to leave the mother’s body. And it is the same for Lady Gaia. It takes a high consciousness, but above all it takes very much love to understand that Lady Gaia is entitled to receive the time in the duality that she needs.

But now the energies have changed again. The energy SHADEES was brought onto Earth. And we can see that it has come to enormous light expansions in many parts of the Earth. And many of you are waiting just for this high point of the ascension, and miss what is happening in the meantime. The changes, the dawning of consciousness, the experience of rising higher step by step, the expansions. And Kryon would like to transmit to you once more: You are in the middle of the events. You are in the middle of this change. That is why it is important not to concentrate on this one high point too much. But rather to pause and to feel and to see how the energies are changing from day to day, hour to hour. And when you do this you can see much. For much outside seems to collapse. The old cannot last anymore. The new is arriving more and more deeply. Particularly with the energies of SHADEES and SOL’A’VANA, God’s breath. Also the energy of LAY’O’ESHA, the energy of freedom. And, staying with yourself, with your own miracle in you, then you will be able to move mountains with these energies. With loving thoughts alone that possess power you can change things for yourself, with your abilities, with all your aspects that are connecting deeper and deeper.

Information is being heaped on the golden-blue frequency in particular. But you are the old souls and we bring you this new information for you once promised to be there for the human beings during this time and help them. A high consciousness has gathered here and one can feel the power and the love of change. And because of that the time has now come to look after the red frequency more. This we will do at the present time. But before Kryon tells you about the red frequency, breathe the light of SOL’A’VANA, God’s breath, into yourselves and feel the deep peace.

You have heard much about the various frequencies. You belong to the golden-blue frequency. But there is no judgement which frequency is better. All frequencies are important. The red frequency is described as a frequency who are still sleeping, who are not aware of their divinity yet, who close their minds to spirituality and love. It will be our task to awaken the red frequency through you step by step. And once these sleeping human beings have been touched in their soul they will open themselves. And they will also find the membership of their frequency. No matter whether golden-blue, pink, turquoise, yellow, green, violet.  It is a high task. But it is the time that these human beings also feel that they are more than just human.

Feel the breath of God in you. Feel how the energy of SHADEES is being transmitted to you very gently. There are many places, regions, countries, cities where the light energies are over 88 percent and an awakening has taken place. But this energy is not enough yet to release the perfect sound of Lady Gaia. And yet we have carried out all precautionary measures. For even we can not say at any time when the high point of the ascension will take place. Because the stream of SHADEES is very powerful, the Crystal SHADEES has been brought onto Earth, SOL’A’VANA, God’s breath, the Holy Grail in the Ark of the Covenant has been kindled, the Earth is prepared in its general structure. And yet I ask you to give Lady Gaia a gentle birth. For then it will also be easier for you in the adaptation phase. Planet Landras with its inhabitants, they have carried out a very gentle ascension. And they are living in the adaptation phase, in the energies of the divine Reality, in the highest joy, strength and humility. On the other hand there was also a planet that carried out the ascension very fast. Even though these inhabitants are in the divine Reality they do not feel these energies so much. Thus it is of great importance for you that a gentle birth can take place. For the gentler the high point will take place the stronger and nicer will you be able to go into the adaptation phase.

Further preparations are being made. And thus the High Council has decided that you, the human beings here, who have taken such a long journey upon yourselves receive the opportunity to travel to AN’ARINA with your aspects in order to be able to look at Lady Gaia in a hologram there. In this hologram you will see how Lady Gaia is, what she feels, the effect SHADEES has, what the red frequency means and above all what the white frequency means. Afterwards you will send particularly intensive energies into pillars of light that the Arcturians have already erected for the red frequency.

For we can see by the energies that the red frequency is about to become aware that there is something else that is beyond the intellect that one perhaps can not see with the eyes, grasp with the hands. But they, too, more and more feel within that there is something else. But they do not understand it. And because of that it is so important in this present time to prepare the red frequency, to give them this love and the energies. But before Kryon invites you to go on this journey we will give Sangitar and you, too, a short break. For I am sure you have noticed that Kryon has brought very much magnetic love energy with his words that are embedding themselves in you during the sounds from the divine Reality.

Thus I say AN’ANASHA.

Ascension: the frequencies


The Different Frequencies

I am Kryon and my love for you is immeasurable. Feel the energy of Kryon, for it is the energy of the New Age. The magnetic energy that has been flowing into you since the beginning of your first Steps. That will accompany you at the change of dimensions. I am a Nuni. Fused with a host of angels I came into your universe in order to knot and to stabilize the planetary grid with various helpers.

Again and again the human beings ask about the different frequencies, and again and again it was the 36 High Councillors, in particular Melek Metatron, who instructed Sangitar to be silent. For it takes a high consciousness to understand that all frequencies are equally important and yet work in different ways in this New Age. Only very much later these frequencies will connect, unify with each other.

Each frequency contains its very own energetic patterns. You all belong to the golden-blue frequency. It is the oldest frequency, the oldest souls, who immersed themselves in the duality first when the fall of Lucifer began. Already then you promised to do everything and to be involved that the planet Earth and all other planets can be fetched back home. Included in this is that you have the understanding in your soul that energetic patterns that are only intended for the golden-blue frequency are necessary for this.

After this the green frequency, known as the Mayans, follows, who went in search of the crystal skulls and absorb various patterns in order to activate these crystal skulls.

After this the yellow frequency follows. It is the frequency of sounds, music, arts. These human beings and souls also embed their very own patterns with which they guide human beings into awakening.

After this the orange colored frequency follows. It is the frequency of the mantras, of satsang.

The biggest of all frequencies – and Kryon will still talk about it at the end – is the red frequency. It is the outer collective. It is like a big, big energetic pot in which all sorts of frequencies move inside each other.

Thus you can say, all the sleeping ones in the red frequency can just as well belong to the golden-blue frequency, the yellow or the green or the orange colored one.

After this the violet frequency follows. The frequency of meditation and silence.

Then the turquoise-golden frequency, the frequency of the new children, as well as the red-pink frequency – it is also the frequency of the new children – are next.

The then following frequency, the golden frequency, is the frequency of the nature spirits.

After that the magenta colored frequency follows. It is the scientific frequency.

Then the brown frequency follows. This is the frequency of the mights, the secret mights, the countermovement.

And then the white frequency, the Earth karma, follows.

And thus each original frequency has its very own patterns. As you are the oldest frequency, you have been chosen to guide very many human beings from the red frequency, who really belong to the golden-blue frequency, into awakening. The golden-blue frequency works closely with the yellow, the turquoise-golden, the pink and the golden frequency. And still it is very important to understand that all energetic patterns of your frequency are embedded in your wisdom aspect. During the ascension these energetic patterns are released. And the more clear these energetic patterns are, the deeper and lighter you will be in the power of your work during the ascension and in the adaptation phase.

Feel your belonging once more now. And if, for example, you as golden-blue frequency absorb the green frequency, then these energies mix. And thus, when many energies mix, even though all are equally important, it becomes a bit more difficult to help the big collective to find its own frequency. And only when the red frequency has reached a certain energy expansion will Lady Gaia utter the perfect sound. Because of that we are so very concerned that you absorb the patterns of your own frequency. But it is no judgment. And Sangitar has asked me – and I can tell you, she has not asked me only once, she has asked me again and again – to mention that it is not necessary to carry out the 48 Steps or to be here. For there are also other paths of the golden-blue frequency. And these lightworkers and divine human beings on Earth who carry out the 48 Steps and the Pioneer Steps and now begin to work with the White Priesthood are those who have a very special and very deep connection with Jesus.

Sometimes we also invite other frequencies and send them an impulse to take this path of awakening. For sometimes it is also good when a few energy currents from other frequencies accompany a path. This, in turn, has a higher meaning. But still it is so important to understand that your very own frequency is the most important one. The golden-blue frequency contains the most information. Except perhaps for the magenta colored, scientific frequency. It also contains much information, but it is less spiritual.

The golden-blue frequency contains the information of the Prosonodo Light, the Eleua Energy, the White Priesthood, the inheritance of God. And it will be the golden-blue frequency that initiates the ascension. You are the oldest souls, that have incarnated in all important epochs and were involved.

When the ascension takes place, and should it come to an evacuation or to training, then it will take place in this exact cycle of the frequencies as Kryon has named them now.

The turquoise-golden and the pink colored frequencies, the children of the new age, will begin – from a certain time when the 36 High Councillors release this energy – to work in the full power and support the entire process. You have met Jesus Christ. You have been granted the initiation into the White Priesthood. And for you it will also be part of the task to guide the big collective into awakening. And thus we have decided to pass these messages about the different frequencies on to you for the first time. Trusting that your heart is open and you realize that it is no judgment which frequency somebody belongs to. All frequencies are equally important and fulfil their tasks. But the most divine human beings on Earth, when you compare numbers and leave the red frequency out of consideration, belong to the golden-blue frequency.

And from the beginning of time, from the first Step, Kryon has transmitted the message to you: the 48 Steps, the awakening finds its path and will spread all over the planet. And thus it has happened. There are Kryonstudents everywhere on your planet who are taking the path of awakening. For we need divine human beings who awaken earlier. Pioneers who dare take the path so that the frequencies that are following see your light and become courageous through that, reach the realization that they are an important part.

Many parts join together to make a picture some time. Result in a whole. And we are preparing many things beyond the veil.

Thus we are directing the energies of four planets to you on Earth. Because the consciousness is very high especially here. For that I want to say AN’ANASHA to you. And the words of the golden-blue frequency – they vibrate in a tone that you all know:

Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, So’Ham.


Landras, Partoos, Earth, Marajanas and Eris

Kryon Festival Fall 2011


Welcome Channeling Saturday
The Planets

I am Kryon and I greet each and every one of you with the words OMAR TA SATT.

A high collective has arrived in order to celebrate the festival of love and freedom together with us. You have been prepared very intensively. But the preparations beyond the veil have also been very intensive.

Kryon also greets those who may still be doubtful whether it is possible that an angel speaks through a medium.

However, you will also receive the gifts for your heart and your soul will open. For it is not possible to shut yourself off from the truth. Even if your intellect would like to tell you something else, your soul knows the truth. The messages of love that take you into freedom, that let you become what you have always been, that embed the energies so gently in you, so that you can carry out your everyday life as lightworker in complete power and freedom.

We beyond the veil do everything to support you. We do not interfere with your will, we do not manipulate. We are just full of love for you and transmit the messages of the highest realization of the light to you. Refresh yourself with it, allow yourself to relax in trust and MONA’OHA that everything that happens serves your highest good and that very many things will become easier for you because of it. For the time is near and freedom is such an important energy. For you have let yourself be restricted in your freedom in many incarnations, but also in this incarnation, for far too long. For the collective of the human beings tells you again and again how you should be, what you should do, what is right or what is wrong. But we tell you, just as you are you are exactly right and good. Just as you are you are the best the Earth is carrying. For you have so much courage, so much strength that you are walking this path of spirituality, that you put your intellect aside, open your heart and understand that there is more than your intellect allows.

Thus understand, it is the energies of the hearts, the energies beyond the veil that are being embedded in your aspects highly energetically. With each word, with each message you are inspired to arrive deeper and deeper into the realization that your life on Earth should be a nice one. Full of freedom, abundance, joy, security and peace. You will experience all that, the big and the small miracles, during these highly energetic days.

The divine Source itself breathes in a rhythm. Thus the universe can expand and everyting can exist, live and be. When the Source decides, from the divinity, to pour a shower of breath full of energy over you, then the divinity, the Royal Angels, the Throne Angels, the merkabah of God and Jesus Christ want to show you how much you are respected and loved for what you are. And it takes many preparations for the energy from the divine Source to circulate outside the rhythm of God’s Breath. And thus the preparations were made to pour forth the freedom drops of blessing over you for the opening of these days of the Festival. They flow directly into your calyces, into your aspects and into your soul. If you open yourself for this alone you will realize and feel that each preparation you experienced – no matter how intensive it was – was helpful to you. For, at the end of the day we want to bring you into the higher power of your abilities, support you again and again so that you understand how worthy you are, no matter what some human beings in the collective tell you.

Every human being on Earth bears the same yearning within. Each and every human being yearns for love, understanding and freedom. We bring these energies to you in great abundance so that you carry this love, this understanding to the human beings without manipulating it. Simply to understand that some human beings are not ready to open themselves to the high spirituality yet. To still know, with a smile, happy eyes, an open heart, that the divine light is burning in each single human being is a high form of spirituality.

And thus you will receive the freedom drops of blessing now. Kryon asks you to rise for this occasion.

{Music is played.}

When the highest Throne Angel in the merkabah of God cut himself off the merkabah of God full of love, this energy exploded and pulled a field down into the depth. Removed from the divine magnetic lines 389 planets were pulled down into the depth. Thus, for many in the universe it was a process that took place and at first nobody knew what one could do in order to fetch these planets back into the divine lines.

So the Nunis were called from another universe to put a planetary grid around the respective planets in order to guarantee that they do not remove themselves any further. And a planetary grid was also laid in each individual planet. Thus many of you think you are separated from these planets. However, through the planetary grid all planets are connected. And still an energy of duality of its own developed around each planet. Your planet was chosen for Jesus Christ to come to you onto Earth. Often unconsciously, you have sent many energies to the planets through the planetary grid.

At the moment there are five planets that are particularly expanded. These planets are called Landras, Partoos, Earth, Marajanas and Eris. Try, when you go down into the depth now, to feel the basic vibration of these planets, for they bear the same energy expansion as your planet. With one exception: Planet Landras that has already carried out the ascension and is in the adaptation phase. Feel this basic vibration. Whenever you, for example, speak your original name, group patterns are woven into the planetary grid and they flow to the other planets. It is a balance between giving and receiving, for the other planets send you energy at the same time as well.

Landras sends you energy of the Pearl Field. Eris sends you masculine energy and strength. Marajanas sends you the crystal energy. Partoos sends you grace energy. For they, too, embed these patterns in the planetary grid. And thus the energies interact, covering and raising each other. Thus a deep connection between all these planet comes into being. Begin to feel, and feel the connection through the love bond that has also been knotted between the planets. When you say your original name, now, various patterns will be brought into the planetary grid and to the respective planets immediately. At the same time strength, crystal energy, grace energy and the energy of the Pearl Field flows over to you now. For here, too, the law between giving and receiving is in force.

Open your hearts and receive this energy. Your planet was chosen to knot the love bond for Lucifer. When this love bond is expanded and awakened to life it will be embedded in the planetary grid. And when the ascension takes place any Lucifer energy will be transformed through the love energy and will expand to all 389 planets. Thus a planetary ascension can take place.

These ties between the planets are very important, for a planetary perfect tone will also sound. Just as each individual planet will utter a perfect tone and you on Earth will hear a perfect tone in yourselves.

The energy of your origin makes a significant contribution, so that highly energetic patterns of the individual tones embed themselves in the planetary grid. The energy is still flowing to you just as you are letting the energy flow to the planets. The inhabitants of Partoos, they are very close to you. They work with the grace energy very much, and they are ready for the ascension in their expansion. Planet Landras, which has already carried out the ascension, lets the energy of awakening flow into the planetary grid and it is being redirected to the four planets whose expansion makes them ready to carry out the ascension. But it is a big matter of concern to us that first a few planets carry out the ascension by their own efforts before the big planetary ascension takes place. For through that the adaptation phase will be easier for you.

Eris is a very masculine planet, very much strength and power flow. Marajanas works with highly energetic crystals, with formations, and thus raises itself steadily. And still the inhabitants of the Earth, you, bear the responsibility. For it is on your planet that Jesus Christ manifested himself as human being. He went into the duality. The Fire Pearls of the inheritance of God, which has been left in each epoch, are on Earth.

Through the initiation of the White Priesthood, through the Prosonodo Light and the Eleua Energy, through the power of origin of your original name in groups it is possible to help many other planets to expand themselves further. For the goal, the higher goal is to fetch all 389 planets back into the divine lines. You can see that this is already happening. For all structures on the outside are collapsing. There are many things you cannot hold on to anymore. But you can hold on to what is in you, to your divine might, your spirituality and your love. For many more things on the outside will change. But you have been trained and are here. You can relax, MONA’OHA.

Thus Kryon says to each individual who has come here today: Your intention that you are expressing is so extremely important. For in the big collective both sides can do the deepest work. And thus the changes can take place quicker. Even if there is chaos on the outside and everything is breaking, you are geting stronger for you know who you are. You do not close your eyes, instead you open yourself for the new and the new will become wonderful.

Thus many beings have gathered in order to take part here, to support you and to whisper the energies to you: Trust, trust, trust. We know how many fears and worries plague you in everyday life. But when you look around, all the human beings are helpless and confused about what is happening at this time. The difference is that you know what is happening and, at the end of the day, when the exterior breaks the new is born. An Earth where the human beings will live together full of joy, in human love, in abundance, in peace, in security, and open themselves to the high spirituality, just the way it was on Landras. During this time – we call it the adaptation phase – you will be in demand to expand the human beings – there will be thousands who come to you – full of love, to tell them everything, to expand their aspects, to unify them, to guide them into awakening, to initiate them into the White Priesthood, to pass on the Prosonodo Light. For the only thing that counts is love. Love stands behind each fear. Love stands behind each worry. No matter what kind of problem a human being has created for himself, he also creates the solution. Ask the human beings to direct their focus to the solution, wonderful things can happen then.

Thus you will experience many miracles during this Festival. But it is very important that you also recognize the small miracles that reveal themselves in your soul, the joy, the being together, the strength, feeling the energy, the light beings that are among you, hold you, are with you and who love you so immeasurably. For they call to you: You are just like us. We do not differ from each other, only we beyond the veil bear a higher consciousness. We want to share this with you. For you were so brave as to let yourself fall into the duality in so many incarnations.

Thus from this moment on we will transmit messages about the various planets and the planetary energies deeper and more often. For it is important to understand that it is a mutual balance between giving and receiving. If you give your pattern of your original name you give the Prosonodo Light and the Eleua Energy with your Heart Ray, if you send Crystals, you receive energies back that are very helpful to you in many ways.

You are loved immeasurably.


Sharon Cheney – Transitioning into the Golden Age – 11-19-14

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Photo - Sharon CheneyBy Sharon Cheney, November 2014

Many people are feeling the transition into the fourth dimension lately. They sense something is different but have difficulty to define it.

For some, their regular source of income may be changing while others feel blocked and don’t understand what is happening to them. We can go through this transition with ease when we understand that this is the golden age that we have all been awaiting for since December 2012.

The planet and all its inhabitants are now fully anchored into fourth dimension. The planetary grid that has allowed this to happen has been in place since 2008.

If you are wondering what the future will be like, the answer is that the consciousness of all humans, animal and plant life will change. 

Humans will realize the presence of the Creator (who is an intelligent being) from childhood and will feel an allegiance to…

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Next are the Mental Patterns

November 1-7, 2014

Beloved Ones,

Many of you have been dedicating yourselves to the greater purification of your mind patterns and thought patterns. Now that the emotional patterns are almost balanced and made neutral, the thoughts become the next area of observation and recalibration. This work is something that only you can do, there is no one else that is in charge of your thoughts or how you choose to think within your mind. There is more than one way to perceive and look at things within the situations that come up in your lives. There is more than one way to respond in your mastery of them, however, through lifetime conditioning people most times tend to respond and react in the same old patterns that never brought them success before. This, in all likelihood is why the same type of situation keeps cropping up in their daily living.

Each of you has been trying to discover more of your own higher aspects and bring these into your experience. You have been seeking to raise the energies within each step along your path to the understanding of yourself and the reality that is unfolding along the way. You seek to be in the right mind frame so that you can open the treasure chest of experience in your journey through this lifetime. You know that you are a spark of the divine flame and that you are a co-creator with the universe, that you have the potential for wondrous creation. You know that your soul is the sacred vehicle for divine inspiration and for the awakened awareness of your own godliness. You aspire to greatness of spirit within which you have the passion and inspiration of unfolding possibilities. The transformative fire within you and your light moves you toward your dreams, to shine as a beacon for others in order to raise the consciousness of all living beings as you endeavour to raise your own.

This role requires reflection, discernment and the understanding of how focused intent brings spirit into manifestation. When you are open to spirit you begin to perceive the unlimited potential and abundance that has always been available to you. You recognize the beauty in all of life and you drink this beauty into your daily experience. You know that this abundance can be tapped into by aligning with the flow of the Earth’s rhythms and allowing the magnificence if what that truly means for everyone. Honor your own highest good in your spiritual potential and within everyone around you. Give sustenance and nourishment to those activities that further the unfolding of this potential and let all else fall away.

It is only by uniting forces with others and working together that the vision of the new world can be expanded. Examine the ways that you can help others to bring out their higher potential and creative expression. In this way you also add to the experiences of the collective of humanity. Be aware of how you use your own energy and remember to honor those around you who surround and support you. Be noble and humble in your quest for mastery, for each of you has your own path to follow that leads to the ultimate goal of the mastery of self. No one has all the answers. Mastery and leadership requires the compassion, discernment, selfless service and pure vision to ignite the passion that burns within the hearts of others around you.

You must continue to cleanse your auric field and individual chakras on a daily basis. Align with your higher self and your God sanctioned spiritual guides and angels in order to maintain your high connections. Daily practice of meditation, contemplation and attunement to the higher realms is a necessity to maintain clarity and sense of purpose. As the Earth moves into higher frequencies this becomes of paramount importance. You are each God’s loving grace manifesting here on Earth. These practices will keep you connected to this purpose.

Until next week…

I AM Hilarion

©2009-2014 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace

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You’re Too Large for a 3D World

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Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for

Summary of Brenda’s October 25, 2014 free, 15-minute, channeled “Creation Energies” show at  The past few days were probably not the love fest you expected. You likely revisited  some past 3D fears – and global violence never seems to end. Ebola wasn’t a soothing topic either, as more of those close to you were diagnosed or exposed. You’ve since shifted some deep personal fears. And because Ebola is not contained within a certain part of the world or group of entities, humans are joining forces to solve the Ebola riddle.

The title of last week’s “Brenda’s Blog” – her free, weekly, channeled blog for “Bank Your Love Energies?”

Brenda’s “Creation Energies” show and “Brenda’s Blog” contain different channeled information.

Dear Ones,

In the past few days, many revisited areas that pushed their 3D buttons. Perhaps an employer…

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How to change your reality

I wish to advise you to first listen to your reality the messages and beliefs you hold and the messages and beliefs given to you by others, by media and by seemingly factual evidence. With awareness choose which you wish to accept and which you wish to discard. For example, if you hear that illness is spreading across the world, choose to send love to all that are experiencing illness while choosing to affirm and make your truth that you are free from illness, always healthy and filled with vitality. Know with deep certainty that the simple belief will ensure your health and wellbeing at all times. Another example could be if an experience occurs in your reality or in the world and this creates fear within yourself and others, say No, to fear, choose to release and let go of fear knowing that in doing so you are de-energising fear within you and within other people. Then create a feel ing of love and safety within your being, think thoughts of love and safety, affirming to yourself the reality you choose to experience. Remember you are the Creators of your reality; you have the divine right to choose that which you wish to experience, this has never before been so important. If each person and soul on the Earth was to realise they have the power to choose that which they wish to create all illness, fear, poverty and any other harmful energy would be powerless and non-existent.