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How to handle pain, stress and disappointment

“As you are in any situation you find yourselves in, you uncover something that you have been hiding from yourselves. Seeing more clearly than ever before will give you exactly what you need, but you will first recognize that it is not about the situation you find yourselves in.

Many of you want to know why, and you want to know why because you are not only eager to get past the situation, but you want to know how to avoid it from ever happening again. We suggest that you let go of the why, and you place all of your attention on how you respond to what is before you.

The wealth of information that is given to you in your response is often overlooked. Take, for example, the times when you find yourselves confronted by another person who has something unpleasant to say to you. What is your first response? Your first response is usually overlooked – that is the response you feel in your body. You have an emotional and a physical response to what the person is saying to you.

What happens next is that you tell the other person how or why they are mistaken, or how their point of view needs to be altered. If instead your attention were to go to the physical and emotional responses, and if you were then able to give more of your focus to what is happening in your body, you would find that the response within you would carry you right out of the situation.

And this holds true for no matter what is happening in your life. Giving your full attention to how you are affected will dissolve that which is before you, because you will be attending to that which is most significant. And when you do so, you no longer need a person, an event, or a situation in your lives to get you to pay attention.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”


“The average person breathes at 18 breaths a minute. If you breathe at 18 breaths a minute for a 24 hour period, you will have breathed 25,920 breaths. These 25,920 breaths are equivalent to the Sun traveling through the 12 zodiacs, or constellations in space, every 25,920 years. This is equal to a great year. [The Mayan/Olmec calendar states this last great year will end on Dec. 21st 2012, and there will be a transition into a new great year. Elijah Muhammad in “The Message to the Blackman,” refers to it as our ancestors writing the history of the next 25,000 years, every 25,000 years.] So we have to slow the breath down. A person who concentrates and reads a book, their breath automatically slows down to 9 breaths a minute. At that point your focus and concentration increases, dramatically. And your memory begins to become greater. It’s at 7.5 breaths, however, that the memory becomes so great, that you actually begin to go into what is called, photographic memory. And also accessing what is called, the Akashic Records, which is the universal library [a record of everything in the universe, past, present, and future, physical and metaphysical.]. Also at 7.5 breaths a minute you would be able to tap into intrapersonal consciousness, and if you breathe that breath for 12 minutes you will be able to tap into the muscles and tissues, and heal them at that level.”

Summer Solstice June 21st, 2014 ~ Unfolding of The Dream

The New Divine Humanity


The Summer Solstice is on June 21st, 2014, 7:51 ADT. Unfold the Dream!

In the Northern Hemisphere, on June 21st we Celebrate the first day of Summer. In the Southern Hemisphere you celebrate the first day of Winter.

The Term Solstice is derived from the Latin word Sol ~ Sun and Sistere, to Stand Still. During the Solstice the path of the Sun stands still in Declination. The seasonal movement of the Sun’s Path comes to a stand still before it reverses directions.

The Summer solstice marks the Highest placement of the Sun in the sky, and this also represents the Longest day.  The Winter Solstice represents the Shortest Day of the year.

Honour these Sacred times through the honouring of the Natural Rhythms on Planet Earth.

At the Spring Equinox we celebrated Embracing the Dream. There was a Huge Opening for the Birthing of the New Creation. I entered DEEPLY into the…

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Planet Alert – Summer Solstice 2014

Ascension Project 2012


Planet Alert – Summer Solstice June 2014
Posted on June 14, 2014 by Jean Haines

By Admin on behalf of Mahala
June 14th, 2014

The Summer Solstice will occur this year on June 21 at 3:51 AM PDT. The Summer Solstice is always in effect until the Fall Equinox. The Summer Solstice and the Winter Solstice are always lined up with the Galactic Center which makes it a very important point in time. The planet Mercury (in retrograde) is also lined up with the Galactic Center this year. Actually I should say Mercury is in opposition to the Galactic Center which is 28 Sagittarius. Mercury will be on 28 Gemini. We feel the effects of this alignment either in conjunction or opposition.

The Midwest will feel the full force of this Summer Solstice. As the Sun moved through Gemini it activated fires in various parts of the west, like Arizona…

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