The suffering

Here in the spiritual realms, where all of you also have your eternal existence, even if you are temporarily unaware of this truth, we are observing with joy your continuing magnificent progress towards the moment of your awakening. As we have often told you, and as I repeat now “There will be no delays!” God’s plan is always perfectly on schedule and on time, although for you who are “seemingly” limited by and locked into the illusion, and who have been following with hope the various uplifting messages relayed to you over the eons by many holy channels, it does appear that nothing much is changing on Earth.

Many of you who have experienced PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) are aware that it can be intensified by recurring nightmares of a quite horrific nature, further stressing you out because there is no escape from it, even in sleep. The illusion is a similar nightmare for many of you – on top of any new PTSD that may have been caused by traumas during your current earth lives – in so far as it is ongoing with very little sign that it is only a nightmare, because it appears to be so real and because you do not seem able to awaken from it. However, you do get some respite when you sleep, because your higher Self withdraws you from your body for brief periods to recuperate at night so that you can carry on with the human life path that you have chosen to follow this time around.

Yes, for many of you this particular life time is intensely stressful and unsettling because it appears even more real than previous ones. This is because over the eons you have accumulated much negative karma all of which needs to be addressed and released in this life time so that you can move forwards to your awakening as divinely planned and intended. When you chose this particular incarnation you knew it would be very hard work, very demanding, and very stressful, but with much forethought and with some extremely wise guidance to help you in your choice, you decided that it was the best path for you in this now moment. Having to accept amnesia as part of the deal does not make it any easier for you.

However, all on Earth are doing sterling work and making tremendous and most effective efforts to collectively bring humanity to its moment of awakening, and you will succeed most wonderfully. You are receiving an amazing amount of help from your brothers and sisters in the spiritual realms, and the Light of Love burning powerfully at the deepest center of your individual divine beingness is nourishing you, and encouraging you forwards. Failure to awaken is neither an option nor even a remote possibility. Keep reminding yourselves of this truth, especially when you feel weary, or when doubts and anxieties plague you. You most definitely are achieving what you set out to do, and nothing can prevent you from reaching your goal.

You need to keep reminding yourselves that you are immortal; perfect divine beings created by your loving Father to enjoy eternally the gifts with which He showered you when He created you. Gifts that enable you to create as He does. Yes, you do have the power to create! He created you and then gave to you every part or aspect of Himself; He made you equal to Him so that you could engage fully with Him in all your creative endeavors. There is no hierarchy in Heaven because all are One.

Of course you then used your limitless freedom to build a severely limited and imaginary environment in which to play your games of separation, separation from the Source that maintains you eternally alive and abundantly well. Not a terribly good idea. But God knew that you would quickly learn that it had been unwise to discard the wonderful gifts with which He had endowed you, by placing yourselves in a spartan environment with very tight restraints on your freedom of movement, and that you would quickly start to seek your way Home. Those gifts await your willingness to reclaim them, and they will assist you on your homewards journey.

No longer able to roam freely throughout all of creation, you began to get irritated with one another, blaming one another for the situations in which you found yourselves – cold, wet, hungry, and fearful – having totally forgotten that you had made this unwelcoming environment and the weak and feeble bodies in which you had enclosed yourselves.

Yes, amnesia is part of the illusion, a part that adds to its seeming reality for you. If you could remember God and Heaven the illusion would not work, and you very much wanted it to work, until it did! Then you seemingly found yourselves alone, cold, lost, confused, and frightened. You had forgotten Love. You desperately wanted Love, wanted to be loved because you felt so empty and unfulfilled without It. But you had forgotten what It was, you just knew that something was seriously wrong, something of great importance was missing, but you knew not what. You entered into relationships in the hope of finding that missing aspect of life in another, and that other sought it in you.

But of course It was within you, always! Not outside, in someone else who might be persuaded to give It to you. But you were blind to that Truth, and in your misery you turned on one another, or gathered in like minded groups for support, and fought those whom you saw as different from you, and therefore a threat to you that must be destroyed.

All your personal spiritual guides, and all the loving ones who channel guidance from the masters in the spiritual realms keep telling you that the way out of the illusion is to embrace Love, and only Love. There is nothing else. But still many of you have trouble with this “concept.” Within the illusion to rely on Love appears to be insane, an open invitation to others to rob you of all your worldly goods. And nearly all the business organizations on the planet are set up with the express intention of destroying other businesses and taking over their domains.

But, there are no worldly goods! Anything of a worldly nature, anything that has form, physical substance, exists only temporarily, and as soon as it is made or constructed it starts the process of its decay. It seems to you that the visible Universe, having existed for 13.7 billion years, is extremely old, but in truth that is but a blip, less even than a second or two as compared to eternity. It is just that as humans you experience life as very short, passing by very quickly, and in relation to the Universe your life spans are as nothing, unnoticeable in the larger scheme of things. But this is precisely the kind of separation you were seeking to experience when you constructed the illusion. And it is overwhelming for you to attempt to imagine your place and your importance – and you most certainly do want to be important – in the seemingly vast Universe of which you are each such small insignificant particles, existing for but a most fleeting moment on the enormous wheel of time.

So, be glad that it is all nothing but an illusion, an illusion that you built for yourselves and which you maintain by your belief in it! If this was not the case then your future would indeed be bleak. However, there is no future, and there is no past, there is only the eternal now moment in which all of God’s divine creation is eternally present in infinite joy. Your unavoidable destiny is to awaken and re-engage with your loving Source and experience that unutterable joy.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

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The human experience is both diverse and intense. When you live a human life, you are temporarily immersed within an overwhelming field of physical sensations, thoughts and feelings. Because of the duality inherent in this field, there is great contrast and intensity in your experiences, much greater than when you are in the astral planes, as you call it. (These are the planes you enter after you die and where you remain between lives.) It may be hard to imagine for you, but many entities on our side would love to be in your shoes. They would love to be human, to gain human experience. The human experience has a kind of realness to it which is invaluable to them. Although they can create countless realities by the power of their imagination, it gives them less satisfaction than the creation of one “real” reality on earth.

On earth, the creation process is often a struggle. You typically meet a lot of resistance in making your dreams come true. The mental type of creation in the astral world is much easier. There is no time lag between the thought of something and the actual creation of it. Moreover you can create any reality you want or can think of. There are no limits. The moment you picture a lovely garden, it is there for you to enter.

To give birth to an idea on earth, to make it a reality in the material world, is a great endeavor. It demands a strong intention, perseverance, clarity of mind and a trusting heart. On earth, you have to deal with the slowness and stubbornness of the material world. You have to deal with contradictory impulses in yourself: with doubt, despair, lack of knowledge, loss of faith, etc. The creation process may be obstructed or even fail because of any of these elements. Yet these potential problems, even the failures, are the very reasons that make the experience of earthly life so valuable. In this process, the challenges you meet are your greatest teachers. They give earth experience a profundity that is so much deeper and broader than the effortless creation process on the astral planes. This effortlessness breeds meaninglessness. The astral entities which have not yet experienced lives on earth know and understand this.

Emotions, Feelings, Jesus teachings

Jeshua channeled by Pamela Kribbe

Dear friends, I am delighted to be among you again and to communicate with you in this way. I must say that this means a lot to me as well. I cherish these meetings for in this way I can come closer to you than from my own plane of reality.

Yet I always live inside your hearts and I wait for moments in your time when you are open and susceptible to my energy. My energy, the Christ energy that is being reborn in this time, is not solely my energy. It is not simply the energy of one man who lived on earth at one time; it is a collective energy field in which you take part in a way that is more profound than you realize.

You all made a vow once, you all set your intention to carry this energy forth into the reality of earth, to anchor it in earth. Many lifetimes, many centuries, you have worked on this mission. You are all in the process of birthing the Christ seed within and I am helping you. I was a forerunner, yet the sowing of the Christ seed was a collective effort. Even my coming to earth was possible only because of the field of energy that was present here, woven by you. We work together, we are a unity. Therefore I am accessible to all of you. I am not exclusively available to any one person. I am at the service of all of you.

Today I want to speak about an issue that touches you deeply and frequently in your day to day life. It is about dealing with emotions.

Last time I spoke about the energies of the male and the female which run through your energy field and chakras. I have emphasized the importance of healing the lowest three chakras as a part of becoming whole and complete unto yourself. I thought it was important to emphasize this as some of you who crave the spiritual tend to withdraw yourself, both in thought and feeling, to the higher chakras.

The heart, the third eye and the crown chakra are attractive to you, because these energy centers connect you with the higher realms that are so natural to you. But the real inner breakthroughs must now occur on a lower level, in the area of the lower chakras, closer to earth.

The area of the emotions is a vital area in your growth process towards freedom and wholeness. You are spiritual beings. You come from a plane of reality where the density and coarseness of earth reality was unknown to you. To cope with this has been difficult.

Throughout many lives you have tried to express your cosmic energy here on earth. And in this expression, in the channeling of your energy to earth, many deep traumas have been built up. The emotional body that you all have is rife with wounds and traumas. Of that I wish to speak today.

Anyone who walks the path of inner growth knows the importance of emotions: that you should not repress them, that you have to come to terms with them in some way, that you must ultimately release them. But how it all really works is not always so clear.

I first want to make a distinction between emotions and feelings. I am not concerned here with specific terms or labels and you may call it by different names, but I want to make a distinction between emotions in the sense of energies that are essentially expressions of misunderstanding and feelings or energies that are a form of higher understanding.

Feelings are your teachers, while emotions are your children.

Emotions are energies that have a clear manifestation in the physical body. Emotions are reactions to things that you do not really understand. Consider what happens when you are overcome by a fit of rage. For instance someone hurts your feelings unexpectedly and you feel yourself becoming angry. You can feel this very clearly in your body; in certain places you feel the energy go tense. This physical tension or tightening that follows the energetic shock shows there is something you do not understand. There is an energy coming toward you that you feel is unjustified. The feeling of being treated unjustly, in short the not-understanding, is vented through the emotion. The emotion is the expression of the not-understanding, it is an energetic explosion and a release.

When this happens, you are confronted with the following choice: what am I going to do with this emotion? Am I going to base my actual behavior on it? Am I going to use this as fuel for my reactions to other people or do I let the emotion be and base my actions on something else?

Before answering this question, I want to explain the nature of feelings.

Emotions are essentially explosions of misunderstanding that you can clearly perceive in the body. Feelings, on the other hand, are of a different nature and are perceived differently as well. Feelings are more quiet than emotions. They are the whispers of the soul that reach you through gentle nudges, an inner knowingness or a sudden intuitive action that later appears to have been very wise.

Emotions always have something very intense and dramatic to them. Consider anxiety attacks, fear, rage or deep sadness. Emotions take hold of you completely and pull you away from your spiritual center. In the moment you are highly emotional, you are full of a kind of energy that pulls you away from your center, your inner clarity. In that sense, emotions are like clouds hovering before the sun.

With this, I do not want to say anything against emotions. Emotions should not be repressed; they are very valuable as a means to get to know yourself more intimately. But I do want to state what the nature of emotional energy is: it is an explosion of misunderstanding. Emotions essentially take you out of your center.

Feelings, on the other hand, bring you deeper into yourself, into your center. Feelings are closely associated with what you call intuition. Feelings express a higher understanding, a kind of understanding that transcends both the emotions and the mind.

Feelings originate in a non-physical realm, outside of the body. That is why they are not so clearly located within one spot of the physical body. Consider what happens when you sense something, an atmosphere or a mood, or when you have presentiments about a situation. There is a kind of knowingness within you then that seems to come from the outside and that is not a reaction from you to something external. It comes “out of nothing” (“out of the blue” as you so beautifully put it). In such a moment, you may feel something open up in your heart chakra.

There are many moments in which such an inner knowingness comes to you. For instance, you may “know” something about someone without having really talked with him or her. You can sense something about the two of you that later on will play an important role in your relationship. Such things are not easy to grasp in words – “simply a feeling” – and certainly not easily understood by the mind. (These are the moments in which your mind gets skeptical, telling you that you are making things up or are going crazy).

I would like to mention another energy that has more of a “feeling” nature than an emotional one. It is joy. Joy can be a phenomenon that transcends the emotional. Sometimes you can feel a kind of joy inside that lifts you up without a particular reason. You feel the divinity inside you and your intimate connection to all that exists. Such a feeling may come to you when you least expect it. It is as if Something Greater touches you or as if you touch a Greater Reality. Feelings are not so easily summoned and seem to come to you “out of the blue.” Emotions almost always have a clear immediate cause: a trigger in the outside world that “pushes your buttons.”

Feelings originate from the dimension of your Higher or Greater Self. You need to be quiet inside to catch those whispers in your heart. Emotions can disturb this inner silence and peace. Therefore it is vital to become emotionally calm and to heal and release repressed emotions. Only from your feeling which connects you to your soul can you make balanced decisions.

By being quiet and peaceful, you can feel with all of your being what is right for you at a certain moment. Making decisions based on emotions is making decisions from a non-centered position. You need to release the emotions first and get in touch with your inner core where there is clarity.

Now I want to go into the question of how you can best deal with your emotions.

I said that “feelings are your teachers and emotions are your children.” The parallels between “being emotional” and “being like a child” are striking. Your “inner child” is the seat of your emotions. Also there is a striking resemblance between the way you deal with your own emotions and the way you deal with real children.

Children are honest and spontaneous in their emotions and they do not hide or repress them until adults encourage them to do so. The fact that children spontaneously express their emotions does not however mean that children experience their emotions in a balanced way. Everyone knows that children can be carried away by their emotions (rage, fear or sadness) and are often unable to put a stop to them. In such a situation, the child can almost drown in their emotions and that makes them unbalanced, i.e. out-of-center.

One of the reasons for this unbounded emotionality is that the child has only recently left a world in which there are hardly any boundaries. In the ethereal or astral dimensions, there were no such restrictions and limitations as there are in the physical realm, within the physical body. The child’s emotions are often “reactions of misunderstanding” to this physical reality. Therefore when he or she grows up, the child needs help and support in dealing with their emotions. This is part of the process of “balanced incarnating” on earth.

So how do you deal with emotions, whether in yourself or in your children?

Emotions should not be judged or repressed. Emotions are a vital part of you as a human being and as such they need to be respected and accepted. You can look upon your emotions as your children who need your attention and respect and your guidance.

An emotion can best be viewed as an energy that comes to you for healing. Therefore it is important to not be completely swept away by the emotion, but to remain able to look at it from a neutral stance. It is important to stay conscious. One might put it like this; you should not repress an emotion, but you should not drown in it either. For when you drown in it, when you identify with it completely, the child in you becomes a tyrant that will lead you astray.

The most important thing you can do with an emotion is to allow it in, to feel all aspects of it while not losing your consciousness. Take for instance anger. You can invite anger to be fully present, experiencing it in your body at several places, while you are at the same time neutrally observing it. Such a type of consciousness is healing. What happens in this instance is that you embrace the emotion, which is essentially a form of misunderstanding, with understanding. This is spiritual alchemy.

Let me explain with the help of an example. Your child has bumped her knee on the table and it really hurts. She is upset, screaming with pain and she kicks the table because she is angry with it. She considers the table to be the source of her pain.

Emotional guidance at this moment means that the parent first helps the child name her experience. “You are angry, aren’t you – you are in pain, right?” Naming it is essential. You transfer the root of the problem from the table to the child herself. “It’s not in the table, it is you who are hurt, it is you who is angry. And yes, I understand your emotion!”

The parent embraces the emotion of the child with understanding, with love. The moment the child feels understood and recognized, her anger will gradually fade away. The physical pain may still be present. But her resistance to the pain, the anger around it, can dissolve. The child reads compassion and understanding in your eyes, and this relaxes and soothes her emotions. The table, the cause of the emotions, is not relevant anymore.

In embracing an emotion with understanding and compassion, you shift the focus of the child’s attention from outside to inside, and you teach the child to take responsibility for the emotion. You are showing her that her reaction to an outside trigger is not a given, but that it is a matter of choice. You can choose misunderstanding or understanding. You can choose to fight or to accept. You can choose.

This also applies to the relationship with your own emotions, your own inner child. Allowing your emotions in, naming them and making an effort to understand them, means that you truly respect and cherish your inner child. Making the shift from “outer” to “inner,” taking responsibility for the emotion, helps to create an inner child that does not want to hurt anyone else, that does not feel victimized. Strong emotions – whether anger, grief or fear – always have the component of powerlessness, i.e. the sense that you are the victim of something outside of you. What you do when you focus not on the circumstances outside of you but instead on your reaction and your pain is that you “dismiss” the outside world as the cause of your emotions. You do not care that much about what gave rise to the emotion. You completely turn inward and you say to yourself: okay, this has been my reaction and I understand why. I understand why I feel the way that I do and I am going to support myself in this.

Turning toward your emotions in such a loving manner is liberating. It does require a kind of self-discipline. Releasing outside reality as the “source of the evil” and taking full responsibility yourself means that you acknowledge that “you choose to react a certain way.” You stop arguing about who is right and who is wrong, who is to blame for what and you simply release the whole chain of events that happened outside of your control. “I now experience this emotion in the full awareness that I choose to do so.” That is taking responsibility. That is courage!

The self-discipline in this is that you give up on being righteous and on being the helpless victim. You give up on feeling angry, misunderstood and all the other expressions of victimhood that can feel quite good at some times. (Truly, you often cherish the emotions that bug you the most). Taking responsibility is an act of humbleness. It means being honest with yourself, even at your weakest moment.

This is the self-discipline that is asked of you. At the same time, this kind of turning inward requires the highest compassion. The emotion you are honestly prepared to face as your own creation is also looked upon with gentle understanding. “You chose anger this time, didn’t you?” Compassion tells you: “Okay, I can see why and I forgive you. Perhaps when you feel my love and support more clearly you will not feel inclined to take that response next time.”

This is the true role of consciousness in self-healing. This is what spiritual alchemy means. Consciousness does not fight or reject anything; it encircles darkness with awareness. It encircles the energies of misunderstanding with understanding and thus transforms ordinary metal into gold. Consciousness and love are essentially the same. Being conscious means letting something be and surrounding it with your love and compassion.

Often you think that “consciousness alone” is not enough to overcome your emotional problems. You say: I know I have repressed emotions, I know the cause of it, I am aware but it does not go away.

In that case, there is a subtle resistance within you to that emotion. You keep the emotion at a distance, from fear of being overwhelmed by it. But you are never overwhelmed by an emotion when you consciously choose to allow it.

As long as you keep the emotion at a distance, you are at war with it. You are fighting the emotion and it will turn against you in several ways. You cannot keep it outside in the end. It will manifest itself in your body as an ache or tension or as a feeling of depression. Feeling down or weary frequently is a clear sign that you are repressing certain emotions.

The thing is that you need to allow the emotions to fully enter your consciousness. If you do not know exactly what emotions are there, you can very well start by feeling the tensions in your body. This is a gateway to the emotions. In your body it is all stored. For instance, if you feel pain or tension in the area of your stomach, you can go there with your awareness and ask what is the matter. Let the cells of your body speak to you. Or imagine that right there, a child is present. Ask the child to show you what emotion is predominant in him or her.

There are several ways to connect with your emotions. It is vital to realize that the energy that got stuck in the emotion wants to move. This energy wants to be released and therefore it knocks at your door as a physical complaint or as a feeling of stress or depression. For you it is a matter of really opening up and being prepared to feel the emotion.

Emotions are part of your earthly reality – but they should not get a hold over you. Emotions are like clouds for the sun. Therefore it is so important to be aware of your emotions and to deal with them consciously. From a clear and balanced emotional body, it is much easier to contact your soul or inner core through your intuition.

In your society, there is much confusion about emotions. This is evident, among other things, from the amount of debate and confusion there is about how to raise your children. Children clearly are much more emotionally spontaneous than you are as adults. This creates difficulties. What if some of your moral boundaries are crossed? What if the situation gets out of hand and chaos arises? Does one have to discipline children or let them express themselves freely? Do their emotions have to be controlled or not?

What is important in a child’s upbringing is that they learn to understand their emotions, to understand where they come from and to take responsibility for them. With your help, the child can learn to see their emotions as “explosions of misunderstanding.” This understanding prevents your child from “drowning” in their emotions and going out of control. Understanding liberates and brings you back to your own center without repressing the emotions. The parent teaches their child to deal with emotions in this way by being the living example of it.

All the questions you have about dealing with your children also apply to yourself. How do you cope with your own emotions? Are you hard on yourself? When you feel angry or sad for some time, do you discipline yourself by saying: “Come on, get yourself together and move on”? Do you suppress the emotion? Do you feel that disciplining yourself is good and necessary? Who taught you this? Was it a parent?

Or do you go to the other side? Do you wallow in your emotion, not wanting to let go of it. This also is frequently the case. You may have felt for a long time that you were a victim of some situation outside of you, for example your upbringing, your partner or your work environment. At a certain moment, it may have been very liberating to get in touch with the anger inside you about the negative things that influenced you. Anger can enable you to break free from these influences and go your own way. However you may get so enamored with your anger that you do not want to give it up anymore. Instead of becoming a doorway, it becomes a way of living. A form of victimhood then arises which is anything but healing. It holds you back from truly standing in your own power.

It is very important to take responsibility for your own emotions and not to make absolute truths of them. When you give them the status of truths, instead of looking upon them as “explosions of misunderstanding,” you will base your actions on them and that will lead to uncentered decisions.

The same happens with children who are allowed too much emotional freedom. They run wild and become uncontrollable; they become little tyrants and that is not right. Emotional chaos is just as unpleasant for the child as it is for the parent.

In short you can either be too strict or too lenient in dealing with your emotions (and, by analogy, with your children). I want to go a little more into the “lenient” way, for that seems to be more of an issue nowadays. Since the sixties there has been a collective realization that it will not do to suppress your emotions, for then you are stifling your spontaneity and creativity, indeed your very soul. Society will produce disciplined and obedient children who care more for rules than the whispers of the heart and that is a tragedy – for society as well as the individual.

But what about that other extreme: what about justifying emotions in such a way that they take over and rule your life?

You can very well observe inside you whether there are emotions that you cherish in such a way that you regard them as truth instead of what they really are: explosions of misunderstanding. These are emotions you have identified with. The paradox is that often enough, these are emotions that cause you much suffering. For instance: powerlessness (“I cannot help it”), control (“I’ll handle it”), anger (“it’s their fault”) or grief (“life is miserable”). These are all emotions that are painful but yet, on another level, they give you something special to hold on to.

Take powerlessness or the “victim feeling.” There can be advantages to this emotional pattern. It may give you a sense of safety. It releases you from certain obligations or responsibilities. “I can’t help it, can I?” It is a dark corner you’re sitting in but it seems a safe one. The danger of identifying or “merging” with such an emotional pattern for a long time is that you lose touch with your own true freedom, your innermost divine core.

Things may have entered your life path that have justifiably provoked emotions of anger and resentment within you. This may have happened in your youth, later on or even in past lives. It is very important that you get in touch with these emotions consciously and that you become aware of the anger, sadness or any other intensely charged energy within you. But at a certain point, you need to take responsibility for your emotions, for they constitute your reactions to an outside event.

Being centered, being in a state of clarity and spiritual balance, means that you take full responsibility for all the emotions that are in you. You can then recognize the emotion of, for instance, anger within you and say at the same time: this was my reaction to certain events. I surround this reaction with understanding, but at the same time I intend to release it.

Life is ultimately not about being right; it is about being free and whole. It is very liberating to release old emotional responses that have grown into a lifestyle.

One might say that it is all about the subtle middle road between suppressing emotions and drowning in them. On both sides, you have been raised with opinions and ideals that are not in accordance with the nature of spiritual alchemy. The essence of spiritual growth is that you do not suppress anything, but at the same time you take full responsibility for it. I feel this, I choose this reaction, so I can heal it. Claiming your mastership – that is what my message is about truly.

Perhaps it is not really a middle road, but a different road. It is all about spiritual mastership. In accepting all there is within you, you rise above it and become its master. Mastership is both strong and gentle. It is very allowing and yet it takes great discipline: the discipline of courage and honesty.

Claim your mastership, become the master of the emotional bits and pieces that torment you, often behind your back. Get in touch with them, take responsibility. Don’t let yourself be driven by unconscious emotional hurts that sidetrack you and block your road to inner freedom. It is your consciousness that heals. No one else can restore the power over your own emotions for you. There are no external instruments or means to take away those emotions. It is in becoming aware of them with strength, determination and compassion that they are released into the Light.

Becoming whole and free on the emotional level is one of the most important aspects of growing spiritually. I want to finish by saying: do not make it more difficult than it is. The spiritual path is a simple path. It is about love for yourself and inner clarity. It does not require any specific knowledge or any specific rituals, rules or methods. All things you need for your spiritual growth are within you.

At a quiet moment, go to the feeling side of you. Let this feeling side of you tell you what needs to be clarified and cleansed within you. Trust your intuition. Work on it. Believe in yourself. You are the master of your life, the master of your unique path to love and freedom.

© Pamela Kribbe 2005

New Age of peace and abundance for all has arrived

The wonderfully empowering energy waves that you Light bearers and wayshowers have been sharing and extending during these last few weeks are bearing beautiful and exotic fruit of an extremely sweet and uplifting nature. If you could see and appreciate what you are achieving in every moment you would be dumbfounded. You all chose to incarnate at this point in humanity’s evolution so that you could assist in the process of awakening, which you knew would be both demanding and stressful, and you are doing great work, just as you intended and planned. That you would not experience real knowledge or awareness of the task that you had undertaken as you struggled to play your parts was known to you before you incarnated, and you accepted it as an essential part of the divine plan.

The part each one of you plays is absolutely essential and has to be spontaneous, an appropriate response to the situations in which you find yourselves moment by moment. Intuitively you always know what the appropriate response is, however, in the moment you have to make a choice based on the information presented in that moment, and because you are humans living in an illusory state, where nothing truly is as it seems, there is always room for error, and errors get made. By making errors you learn from your experiences, and it becomes apparent to you, if you are willing to see clearly what those errors show you, that Love is always the only answer that will provide lasting resolution to any issues, problems, and conflicts that arise.

Your history shows you very clearly that conflicts can never be resolved through force of arms. It has been tried, and tried, and tried, and it always leads to further conflict and suffering. Peace enforced is not peace, it is but a temporary cease-fire until the parties concerned are ready once more to go to war.

There are now very few among you who have not become fully aware of this, even if all are not yet prepared to admit to the truth of it. Enthusiasm for war is declining rapidly, although it often seems to the few who are in positions to make the decisions to go to war that there are no alternatives. But without the enthusiastic support of their subordinates – and all across the world the decision makers are discovering, much to their chagrin, that that support is not forthcoming – the decision to engage in war cannot be made, and so it is first delayed and then abandoned.

The threats of potential conflict in various parts of the world that are being reported by the media are but ill-considered attempts to prepare people to accept that, in certain circumstances, war must be waged to ensure world peace and stability. But, because the collective has decided to awaken, the hollowness of that kind of argument is clearly seen, and those who consider themselves to be the guardians of world peace with the right and the power to take a nation to war will not be able to raise the necessary support to do so. There may well be lots of sabre rattling as the politicians save face, but the time for war on Earth is over.

As you know, the New Age of peace and abundance for all has arrived and is being established all across the world as you wayshowers and Light bearers channel, extend, and share in and intensify the divine field of Love in which all of creation has its eternal existence. For eons the Love of God, your heavenly Father has been dreamt of, hoped for, and prayed for, but always you were judging and condemning one another and by so doing closing yourselves off to Love.

Love is all-inclusive, all-accepting, all-honoring, It has no room for judgment of any kind. Judgment is of the illusion and therefore unreal, but you have believed in it, believed that God judged, and have frequently taken it self-righteously on yourselves to judge others supposedly on His behalf. What unbelievable and insane arrogance!

Within the illusion you made an image of God in your own human likeness! You have many paintings of an old wise-looking and bearded man, very human looking because that was what you chose as a representation of God. No image could be further from the truth, because the god that you imagined and worshipped was one who bore grudges and sought vengeance on those whom you, on his behalf, judged unworthy of him. He was in fact utterly human, unreal, illusory.

Finally, in these last few decades, the insanity of that kind of belief is becoming apparent to more and more of you as you move consistently and steadfastly towards awakening. You are being drawn onwards by the power of Love to which you have finally started to open your hearts, and you have realized collectively that no image that any one of you could conceive of could give you even the remotest idea of what your Father might look like.

He Is. He is beyond description, He can only be experienced, and only by those who have discarded all within them that is unloving. And that experience, when it happens for you, will be one of infinite and utterly unimaginable ecstasy that continues eternally; brilliantly brighter than the brightness of all the stars in the universe combined. It is not to be experienced lightly or without enormous preparation, preparations that you start in on when you move permanently into the spiritual realms, leaving all form and matter way behind you.

In the meantime know that your awakening into Love, into the spiritual realms, is far closer than you might think. Unfathomable joy will soon be yours because that is what you have chosen and that is totally in alignment with God’s Will for you. And from there there is no limit as you know yourselves once more as beings of infinite Love.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Take the plunge without knowing the outcome

treeWhen you follow the guidance of your soul you will be able to recreate a self that reflects your source energy and adds to creation with inner purpose. The art of listening to your soul’s guidance will aid you in creating a new self in a new world. Tapping into this inner power requires you to let go of all the fears and beliefs that prevent you from envisioning a new self with enhanced perceptions. Seeing through the soul’s lens will be unfamiliar at first, and will therefore be challenging for you to trust, until the new knowing is tested and accepted. Expect this to be the case.

Your ego mind will not let go all at once. It is a process, and rightly so. If you were to lose the ego self that you have built through your life, and before, all at once, you would go insane. You must lose it slowly, and replace it with the vision your soul creates. One way of seeing must replace another. If you have not attempted to develop your soul mind’s eye and suddenly lose your ego, you would not understand your true self, and what you are capable of, and you would feel lost.

It will benefit you to continually challenge yourself to look beyond your fears and insecurities, as much of your ego comes from those concepts, and free your soul to take a fresh view of everything that you are and do. Check with your soul, in every decision you make, for wisdom that your outer shell may be hiding from you. What is the outer picture you are afraid to let go of? What does the inner you really cherish and desire?

Recreating your life around your soul’s innermost desire for evolution will be a rewarding and invigorating experience, when you are on a connected track. If you are off the track, you will feel confused and fearful. Ask your soul to give you a simple means of communicating that bypasses the rational mind. Ask it to give you a signal that will mean “Yes” or “No” regarding whether a decision is elevating for your soul path or not. Play with this and be lighthearted about it.

When you let go of ego control and let your soul guide you, you will feel complete freedom of expression, without limitation. However, you may still be haunted by that rational side which wants to talk you out of doing or being, based on what it still believes may cause you harm. The rational aspect will tell you that you will end up starving, homeless, and unloved if you follow your heart. What a strong deterrent that can be. However, your soul has the ability to completely let go of these fears, and have utter certainty that it will be taken care of and will shine brightly if it follows that path of light which leads you to inner joy. And it will be correct.

Your life will be far richer when your soul is in charge of creating on a level that is deeply rewarding beyond what you have been programmed to think. It is the very act of letting go despite the fears that can set you free of them. Again, it is a matter of taking the plunge without yet having fully comprehended the outcome. As you build on trusting your soul, the leaps will be easier.

As you take steps in the direction of the unknown, and have glimpses of what is there, you will become stronger in your desire and ability to let go of your old self. Each leap will give you more stamina to build on the strength of your soul, and to trust its insight. When you realize that not only will you not die if you take the jump, but you will actually feel brighter, you are more likely to risk the next action of your soul.

It is a trial and error process to be aware, follow, and discover the results of your soul vision and creation. Actions taken from your soul will make you feel full, while those taken from your ego will make you feel empty. The latter will give you a momentary sense of satisfaction, but inevitably will leave you depleted. When your soul is fulfilled, all those around you will also be filled. If you are acting from your ego, those in your company will feel that you are draining them.

Your soul actions create endless light, while your ego believes it must steal and fight for it. The soul energy is in complete balance of drawing and transmitting energy from the universe, whereas your old self is constantly out of balance, and tries to find its energy from superficial means of which it cannot keep a consistent supply. Your soul can connect to the abundance of the universe, whereas your unconscious ego self must constantly find outside sources of energy to get bits of abundance that are fleeting.

It is your whole mission in this life to find your personal connection to the source of universal abundance by shedding all that stops you from knowing what you really are. It is your challenge to find, and become, what you truly are. When you tap into the real you, then you can create with the soul mind’s eye and open doors of possibility endlessly. ~partial excerpt from Keys To Soul Evolution.

Awakening, is it Just pie in the Sky?

Here in the spiritual realms we are all deeply indebted to you for your ongoing and frequently exhausting Earth journeys as you work non-stop (yes, you do really work non-stop, waking, sleeping, and dreaming) to bring your brothers and sisters to awakening by constantly sending them Love. What you are doing, and achieving, is quite amazing. Each of your individual functions and contributions in this ongoing awakening process is essential to it; without your combined collective intentions and efforts it would not happen.

Do not let the fact that for the most part you do not get any sense of the importance and significance of what you are doing, or of our presence among you assisting you, worry you or cause you anxiety, because what you are doing is enormously powerful and effective, and only you can do it. And of course when you awaken what you have brought about will be there in plain sight for you to see, acknowledge, and probably marvel at. You are, and always will be greatly honored for your Earth journeys, where for most of the time it has seemed to you that you are struggling unsupported in a task that is way beyond your capabilities. It is not! And you are bringing it rapidly to a state of fulfillment.

The task you chose to embark on for this particular earth life has been very difficult for many of you, and before you chose to do it you knew that this would be the case, but, with the help of wisdom, advice, and mentoring from your spiritual guides you planned most carefully to ensure that it would be well within your capabilities. You knew that it would be hard because you would be unable to remember any details of your pre-planning and consequently each moment would arrive, as it were, unannounced, presenting you with surprises and choices that were often unappealing. However, you also knew that you could not fail because of the divine field of Love enveloping you and supporting you in every moment. There truly are no accidents, every thing that occurs is part of a larger plan to provide all involved with the lessons that they wish to learn and thus bring them firmly and steadily forwards towards their awakening. And that awakening is most definitely a done deal, nothing can prevent it.

As you cope with your individual doubts, worries, anxieties, and suffering remind yourselves frequently that you are divinely supported in every moment, that you are continually making sterling progress, just as intended, and that the secret of finding peace as you follow this demanding earthly path is to surrender to each moment as it occurs.

Do not look back at opportunities apparently missed. They are gone, over, finished with, and all that you need to do now is address this present moment. If it seems to you that you have made one or several ghastly errors, focus on the fact that each one them can teach you something very important or has already done so, and rejoice that you have grown from the experience, because you undoubtedly have, even if it is not immediately apparent to you. It can be helpful to recall, very briefly without dwelling there, errors you have seemingly made that later resulted in an unexpected improvement in your life or your situation. None of you have made errors from which no lessons have been learned nor benefits obtained, you just need to let go of the egoic need to not make mistakes and the consequential need to castigate yourselves when you do so.

As humans living the illusion you cannot see the way ahead clearly, and errors are therefore going to be made, so be kind, forgive yourselves (and others!), and move on. You can learn enormous amounts in moments if you live in the moment, instead of dwelling on and regretting the past and anxiously worrying about what the future holds for you. You planned the life path you are experiencing with great forethought to enable you to learn the lessons with which it would present you. You knew it would not be a rose garden, and it is unhelpful to look at the apparently happier life experiences that others are undergoing and feel that therefore you are being unfairly treated by life. The path you are experiencing and following is the most appropriate one for you, and you can have absolutely no idea of the suffering and pain others have undergone that have led them to where they are.

Your human life path is a journey of great importance and significance that is mostly hidden from you, and so it is very easy for you to view another’s path with yearning and envy because it seems to offer them all that you wish for. And that, of course, can seem very unfair, especially if it appears to you that they are not truly appreciative of their good fortune. This is one of the reasons that you are constantly reminded not to judge, because you can have no idea what it is that you are judging as you see only the surface of something that is amazingly deep, and therefore hidden from your view.

No one’s human life path is easy. It may often appear to you that others have a very good life, are perhaps spoilt, are in fact having a life of ease and luxury that you envy and that they do not deserve. But this is never the case, every life path offers precisely what is needed in the moment. No one has been cheated into following a path unsuited to them, or given one that offers them unfair advantages over anyone else. Everyone’s path is perfect for them, and for them alone.

So when you are feeling down, hard done by, alone, and unappreciated go within. Within you have instant access to your guides and to the Love that our Father offers every one of us constantly. Focus your attention on the inner knowing that each one of you has confirming that you are an irreplaceable and absolutely essential aspect of your Source. Disregard any adverse judgments that you believe others are making of you, and let go of any adverse judgments you hold against yourselves, because none of them are valid. You are, and always will be, a dearly loved child of God, a perfect aspect of Him that has chosen to undergo a very difficult experience to assist in bringing all His children to awakening. And for that you are highly honored, because to be a human is to take on an incredibly difficult task . . . and to succeed!

Your loving brother, Jesus.

The Reality of the Oneness of all of creation is finally dawning on humanity, as is the importance of working harmoniously, creatively, and cooperatively together to heal yourselves from all the suffering that you have inflicted on each other, and to enable you to start healing and repairing the damage that you have collectively caused Planet Earth. This growing and essential awareness is an excellent reason to celebrate because it indicates that over the eons much has been learnt and that from those lessons wisdom is growing. Congratulations! From here you can only move forwards because you have learnt far too much to allow yourselves to slip backwards into the unconcern and disrespect for one another and for your beautiful planet that has for eons been the norm of human behavior.

You are definitely leaving sleep and unrealistic dreams behind as your awareness of your divine connectedness comes more fully into your conscious minds. You are One with God, your eternal Source of being, and as your awareness of this divine and undeniable truth intensifies your ability to forget, to switch off to your true nature weakens and fades from view. You are becoming consciously accountable, you are becoming aware of your responsibilities, you are realizing that the environment in which you are presently experiencing life, consciousness, is something that you yourselves are building and maintaining in every moment. You are becoming aware that you are not the victims of others, of circumstances, or of God, but that what you experience is a conscious choice that you have made so that you will undergo and engage with the lessons that you know that you need to learn to move forwards on your spiritual paths.

All your paths are spiritual ones, wisely chosen to ensure that you experience the lessons that you have each decided – with the help and guidance of the unsurpassed wisdom of your spiritual guides and mentors – that you need to learn. Realizing that you are not victims of your environment, of others’ nefarious decisions to crush or betray you, or of God’s judgment upon you, enables you to move forwards on your paths to enlightenment, to awakening, with the necessary enthusiasm and confidence to ensure that you reach your destination.

For eons you have been apparently trapped in an endless cycle of repetitious and intensely painful experiences over which it has seemed that you had no control. You were, it seemed to you, at “the mercy of the gods!” – earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, storms, other peoples wars, betrayals and catastrophes. Now you are seeing that what happens is as a result of your own beliefs, attitudes, actions, and behaviors. Realizing this enables you to change the environment that you experience, and the situations in which you find yourselves “inadvertently” involved, by changing your expectations.

None of your experiences are inadvertent. Everything that happens to you has a far deeper meaning than you can understand or access as human beings with your severely limited intelligence and your equally limited underlying wisdom – if it can even be called wisdom! You chose, for very good reasons, reasons that were perfectly clear to you prior to your individual incarnations, to undergo a variety of experiences as humans in the limited environment that you constructed for yourselves. And you have learnt lessons of incredible value as you have struggled with this worldly environment and the limitations that your physical bodies and their intrinsic energy fields, by their very nature, have imposed upon you.

Your true nature, the nature to which you are inextricably and eternally connected is Love, Godliness, Oneness with your Source. You can pretend, as you have been doing for eons in the time driven illusion in which you experience life as humans, that you are alone, individual, disconnected from the Source of all existence, abandoned, betrayed and basically unreal – chemical reactions in an inanimate and forever unchanging and basically unliving, in fact dead and unconscious universe.

However, you are in fact moving permanently away from that unreal and unsupported belief, that fearful state of mistrust, as Love floods your apparently tiny and individual worlds – where it has seemed that you are, each one of you, small and insignificant beings at the center of an incredibly large and threatening universe which is constantly striving to crush and destroy you. It is unrelentingly encouraging you to open to the possibility that you are far, far more than your bodily reflections in the mirror suggest. And of course what Love is suggesting to you, is indeed offering to you, is Reality as a replacement for the threatening and illusory environment in which you are presently experiencing very unsatisfactory, terrifying and exhausting lives that have nothing to offer as a reward for living honestly except death! What an unrealistic outcome or finale to a life spent struggling with such unrelieved hardship and woes.

Go within, find that quiet, spacious, and welcoming inner sanctum that you all possess, ask for help, Love, and guidance, and start to awaken into the understanding of your divine and eternal nature. As you do so your fears and anxieties will dissolve, being unreal, and you will start to experience an awareness of your divinity that will bring you an abundance of joy as you once more connect with the spiritual realms, where you live always at one with God.

With so very much love, Saul.