New Age of peace and abundance for all has arrived

The wonderfully empowering energy waves that you Light bearers and wayshowers have been sharing and extending during these last few weeks are bearing beautiful and exotic fruit of an extremely sweet and uplifting nature. If you could see and appreciate what you are achieving in every moment you would be dumbfounded. You all chose to incarnate at this point in humanity’s evolution so that you could assist in the process of awakening, which you knew would be both demanding and stressful, and you are doing great work, just as you intended and planned. That you would not experience real knowledge or awareness of the task that you had undertaken as you struggled to play your parts was known to you before you incarnated, and you accepted it as an essential part of the divine plan.

The part each one of you plays is absolutely essential and has to be spontaneous, an appropriate response to the situations in which you find yourselves moment by moment. Intuitively you always know what the appropriate response is, however, in the moment you have to make a choice based on the information presented in that moment, and because you are humans living in an illusory state, where nothing truly is as it seems, there is always room for error, and errors get made. By making errors you learn from your experiences, and it becomes apparent to you, if you are willing to see clearly what those errors show you, that Love is always the only answer that will provide lasting resolution to any issues, problems, and conflicts that arise.

Your history shows you very clearly that conflicts can never be resolved through force of arms. It has been tried, and tried, and tried, and it always leads to further conflict and suffering. Peace enforced is not peace, it is but a temporary cease-fire until the parties concerned are ready once more to go to war.

There are now very few among you who have not become fully aware of this, even if all are not yet prepared to admit to the truth of it. Enthusiasm for war is declining rapidly, although it often seems to the few who are in positions to make the decisions to go to war that there are no alternatives. But without the enthusiastic support of their subordinates – and all across the world the decision makers are discovering, much to their chagrin, that that support is not forthcoming – the decision to engage in war cannot be made, and so it is first delayed and then abandoned.

The threats of potential conflict in various parts of the world that are being reported by the media are but ill-considered attempts to prepare people to accept that, in certain circumstances, war must be waged to ensure world peace and stability. But, because the collective has decided to awaken, the hollowness of that kind of argument is clearly seen, and those who consider themselves to be the guardians of world peace with the right and the power to take a nation to war will not be able to raise the necessary support to do so. There may well be lots of sabre rattling as the politicians save face, but the time for war on Earth is over.

As you know, the New Age of peace and abundance for all has arrived and is being established all across the world as you wayshowers and Light bearers channel, extend, and share in and intensify the divine field of Love in which all of creation has its eternal existence. For eons the Love of God, your heavenly Father has been dreamt of, hoped for, and prayed for, but always you were judging and condemning one another and by so doing closing yourselves off to Love.

Love is all-inclusive, all-accepting, all-honoring, It has no room for judgment of any kind. Judgment is of the illusion and therefore unreal, but you have believed in it, believed that God judged, and have frequently taken it self-righteously on yourselves to judge others supposedly on His behalf. What unbelievable and insane arrogance!

Within the illusion you made an image of God in your own human likeness! You have many paintings of an old wise-looking and bearded man, very human looking because that was what you chose as a representation of God. No image could be further from the truth, because the god that you imagined and worshipped was one who bore grudges and sought vengeance on those whom you, on his behalf, judged unworthy of him. He was in fact utterly human, unreal, illusory.

Finally, in these last few decades, the insanity of that kind of belief is becoming apparent to more and more of you as you move consistently and steadfastly towards awakening. You are being drawn onwards by the power of Love to which you have finally started to open your hearts, and you have realized collectively that no image that any one of you could conceive of could give you even the remotest idea of what your Father might look like.

He Is. He is beyond description, He can only be experienced, and only by those who have discarded all within them that is unloving. And that experience, when it happens for you, will be one of infinite and utterly unimaginable ecstasy that continues eternally; brilliantly brighter than the brightness of all the stars in the universe combined. It is not to be experienced lightly or without enormous preparation, preparations that you start in on when you move permanently into the spiritual realms, leaving all form and matter way behind you.

In the meantime know that your awakening into Love, into the spiritual realms, is far closer than you might think. Unfathomable joy will soon be yours because that is what you have chosen and that is totally in alignment with God’s Will for you. And from there there is no limit as you know yourselves once more as beings of infinite Love.

Your loving brother, Jesus.


Jeshua and the Ascended Masters: if things do not seem to arrive then arise

by Wes Annac

-Channeled through Wes Annac-

With so very much Love and joy, I am Jeshua speaking for our collective of Masters and for the Company of Heaven overall. We continue to watch you go about your Earthly endeavors, and we encourage the expansion so many of you find yourselves undergoing as you subsequently greet purer understandings about yourselves and this beautiful Creation around you.

You’re gaining deeper glimpses into the spiritual realms, and as you do this you emit an energy; a frequency that reaches out to everyone around you and helps them find enlightenment in their own ways and in their own time. You’re helping so many others to become aware of the reality of their existence with your mere presence on the Earth, dear souls, and this is why we encourage your continual efforts to help your collective become aware.

In the midst of informing those around you about everything you’ve come to know and understand, it’s important not to overwhelm them with the brimming ideas and concepts we can feel so many of you are quite ready to express.

We can feel your readiness to help as many as possible become aware of the existence of the spiritual realms and your imminent evolution back into these realms, and we’ll continue to assist each of you who finds yourself undergoing specific endeavors for the Earth’s ascension.

Reaching Out
As your roles continue to expand, so will you find yourselves reaching others in the physical sense.

You’ve long been reaching those around you and so many others in the energetic and spiritual sense with your presence on the Earth, but you’re coming now to reach so many others in the physical sense as many of you desire to expand your roles and help awaken your populace.

Once an individual awakens on a lower-dimensional planet, they then take it upon themselves to help as many others as possible find the wondrous perceptions and understandings they’ve been able to find.

Each of you can step up to the plate and be the pioneers, prophets and heroes of your past you’ve heard so much about.

Plenty of individuals are already stepping up and challenging the status quo in massive ways, and we say with Love that you can be a part of the wave of pioneers challenging the established system and helping your world become aware that something lies beyond the concrete physical reality you’ve experienced for so long.

You can help everybody become aware of the reality that exists just beyond the spectrum of your conscious understanding, and you can help everyone attune to the pure frequencies so many of you are beginning to pick up on with grace as you find yourselves glimpsing the spiritual realms much more.

In the face of the Earthly distraction prevalent around you, we ask you to remain strong and clear in your goals and agendas.

We can’t express enough that you’re meant to be at the forefront of Creating change and introducing revolution for every soul on your Earth to be a part of, and if your populace chooses to, you can establish collective ruling bodies that act very far away from the corruption of your current.

You can establish a ruling body by and for the people, and build a planetary system that won’t see the perceived elites tower over the many. The many are meant to run your Earth and introduce every bit of change needed to get your society to a place of embracing ascension, and this takes us back to the readiness to enact change we can feel brimming in so many of you.

You can get Active
As always, there are myriad ways you can get active and use your voice, and with the power your internet provides it’s quite easy to make your voices heard on various different subjects and issues.

Your populace is steadily learning to come together to mend the problems that have run rampant on your Earth, and you can each aid in this coming together by advocating it in the public arena. Your voices are much stronger and more powerful than you’ve allowed yourselves to believe, and when you can come to realize the massive potential you possess to move mountains and build a new paradigm, you’ll see why humanity has been meant to arise and build it.

Humanity is meant to come together and breed unity the likes of which haven’t been seen in quite a while on your world, and beyond the developed countries that’ll need to enact change, smaller countries will be stepping up and Creating the changes needed for their societies to Live in peace and prosperity.

There’s so much for you to rediscover in the avenue of your deepening spiritual perceptions, and blissful states of consciousness await you to remember their prevalence around you.

Feel the existence of the pure Love encompassing you now as you absorb our communication and plug yourselves into the Universal conduit of allness/oneness. Feel yourselves exist as a part of the conscious heartbeat of Love and unity, and feel that there’s no separation between you and us or you and your neighbor despite the perceived differences between you that have been played upon.

Feel that the pains and toils of your Earth experience matter very little in this new state of consciousness you have the full ability to access. Feel and see the energies; the pure Light flowing all around you and inviting you to remember its existence.

Remember your status as the Creator of your experiences, and remember the importance of taking the higher-dimensional insight you gain and using it for the benefit of your collective. This is your moment, dear souls, and as a united awakened collective you’ll do much more good than we could express.

You can do, be and Build Anything
You’ll Create more change than we could possibly outline through any scribe, and while you’ll utilize the assistance we have and continue to happily give, we can foresee humanity excitedly taking the reins for the most part and building your future in the ways you’ve been predicted to build it.

This will involve utilizing much of the advanced technology you’ve so heard of, some of which will be given by us and your Galactic brethren and some declassified and put into production on your Earth, to help cleanse and mitigate pollution and clear your Earth of the widespread damage that’s been done on Her surface and in Earthly realms beyond the one you experience.

There will be so much for you to do indeed, but you’ll perform this work with the satisfaction of knowing that you’ve repaired your Earth and built a society far away from the destruction and pollution prevalent in the day and age you’re absorbing this communication.

Oh, the bliss and joy you’ll experience when fully reigniting that sacred spark that can never be put out. Your physical existence is nothing like you’ve been taught to believe, dear souls, and wonders that could only be described as metaphysical will remind you of the existence of what humans have referred to as “magic” for so long.

What you’ve seen as magic is really the sacred higher-dimensional power you each carry within, and with your unlocked abilities you are truly infinite and able to do, be and build anything you so desire.

From an enlightened standpoint, you’ll be able to run your Earth collectively without polluting or hurting Her or yourselves in any way. No longer will a nine-to-five job that one simply “gets through” hold any of you back from utilizing your potential and ability.

No longer will you exist in an illusion that keeps you far away from your understanding of the spiritual realms, and no longer will you be unable to use your strength for the good of the planet. You have so much to look forward to, dearest souls, and in the face of this we ask you to smile upon the Earthly pains and difficulties that continue to make their way to you.

They’re but fading whispers in a future that sees you completely independent and liberated, and we ask you to embrace your future and the things needing done in the Now to bring it about.

Equality in Running the Planet
Embrace the idea of widespread prosperity and abundance for all, and imagine every soul on your world coming together with infinite abundance and building the necessary organizations and ruling bodies for your Earth to be run in the proper manner.

In a world experiencing infinite abundance, every citizen is very easily able to have a hand in the decisions that are made. It’ll ultimately be up to humanity to see beyond your perceived differences and come together despite them, and beyond that I’ll be up to you to build a temporary ruling body that works for every soul and sees everyone able to have equal say in what’s done.

This is the manner in which planets are meant to be run, and while the freewill experience sees you build whatever you desire for yourselves we can say that the system we envision humanity building will be much more preferred than your current.

Humans are programmed to believe that the dense reality you’ve fed into and the subsequent system that keeps the few ahead of the many are the only things in existence and cannot be transcended to allow for something new or better to take their place.

This illusion is being broken in more awakening souls now, and souls all across your Earth who you wouldn’t perhaps expect to are awakening in their own unique ways. As they do, so do plenty of others begin using their voices and arising in the direct ways you’ve been meant to, and we can say with Love that the Earth’s evolution is on a full course to manifesting because of all of this.

Pay no attention to the negative news being given on your world stage, because it’s designed to distract humanity from understanding the real and positive changes that are afoot. Focus on the heightened energies you can feel and the positive change you can see manifesting in the public arena, and if things don’t seem to arrive at the pace you’d prefer then arise, dear spiritual seeker, and begin working toward your new paradigm.

Understand your infinite power and you’ll find yourselves quite easily able to utilize it. Let any presumptions about one’s own weakness fall away as you see that you don’t have to embody weakness and can embody the strength of a thousand men if you embrace it.

You possess more strength within than we could express, dear children, and this strength is meant to be used to peacefully uproot those who’ve sought to oppress humanity.

No Worthiness, Wealth or Status Required
You’ll hardly remember the actions of tyranny as you continue to embrace purer states of consciousness that’ll initiate you into greater understandings of Love and the positive qualities making up your existence, and while the necessity still exists to be diligent regarding your cabal, they possess nowhere near the range of ability they once did and are as well fading whispers in your new reality.

They’ll continue to make their last fighting breaths, but in the bigger picture none of their actions will matter because the Light will have awakened the minds and hearts of billions of souls.

Your cabal never anticipated your entire populace becoming aware, and have never believed it to be possible as they possess their own darkly-inclined spiritual beliefs regarding worthiness to enter greater states of consciousness.

There is no worthiness, wealth or status required to re-reach the higher dimensions; it simply takes the intention and effort of a motivated and dedicated spiritual seeker. The heightened energies you’re being given are much easier to access than they were even a century ago in your time, and we ask you to embrace your expanded ability to take in ever-purer amounts of higher-dimensional energy and insight.

We’ll continue to communicate with humanity through enthusiastic scribes, and so many scribes will soon flood your public arena that even if the wave of channels you’ve all become accustomed to suddenly disappeared, they’d be replaced nearly instantly with a new wave who’d continue to bring our communications through.

We can anticipate many who are currently involved in channeling our energies to themselves expand their roles and help encourage and support many more potential channels, and as we make our final impressions for this communication, we remind you that your present can be just as great as you’ve been told your future can be.

You can Create infinite happiness, wholeness and bliss in yourselves in this and every moment, and when darkness or difficulty creeps up we reiterate the importance of understanding that it has no more hold over you. You’re Divine beings with the sovereign choice as to what you choose to do for the Earth’s ascension, and in this new era there’s much waiting to be done.

Thank you to Jeshua and the Ascended Masters.

Contributing Editor: The Golden Age of Gaia

Do you know whose GOD you are worshipping?

Yahshua’s meaning in Hebrew is: Yahweh is our salvation.
Jesus is not a Hebrew name and has no meaning in Hebrew.