earth history

Years Ago Earth History according to RA (copyright 1982)
 <4’000’000 Only Visitors on earth.
705,000 Maldek Destroyed (beginning).
500,000 Maldek destroyed (end). Incarnations below earth began.
75,000 Life from Mars transferred to earth.
75,000 Yahweh incarnated to produce genetic changes. He worked with those from Mars (Aryans) (cloning process).
58,000 Attempt to help MU race from Mars.
53,000 Lemurian race move to Earth from one planet in the DENEB galaxy.
31,000 Beginning of Atlantis.
15,000 Atlantis reaches high technological understanding.
13,000 Help given to Atlantis with healing information.
11,000 War in Atlantis. 40% of the people died.
10,821 Destruction of Atlantis.
9,600 Sinking of great land masses.
3,600 Yahweh group were creating mind/body complexes capable of grasping the law of one.
The entities of Yahweh were responsible in isolated cases for experiments in combating the Orion group
3,600 Orion group were able to use these mind/complexes to inculcate in them the thoughs of the elite
3,600 Orion group landed on earth.  Anak were impregnated so that organisms would be larger/stronger
3,300 Yod-Heh-Shin-Vau-Heh incarnated and mated thus birthing a generation of Anak
3,000 Orion group left earth.
3,000 Landing in South America – help.
2,300 Help to Egypt.

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