Ascension: the frequencies


The Different Frequencies

I am Kryon and my love for you is immeasurable. Feel the energy of Kryon, for it is the energy of the New Age. The magnetic energy that has been flowing into you since the beginning of your first Steps. That will accompany you at the change of dimensions. I am a Nuni. Fused with a host of angels I came into your universe in order to knot and to stabilize the planetary grid with various helpers.

Again and again the human beings ask about the different frequencies, and again and again it was the 36 High Councillors, in particular Melek Metatron, who instructed Sangitar to be silent. For it takes a high consciousness to understand that all frequencies are equally important and yet work in different ways in this New Age. Only very much later these frequencies will connect, unify with each other.

Each frequency contains its very own energetic patterns. You all belong to the golden-blue frequency. It is the oldest frequency, the oldest souls, who immersed themselves in the duality first when the fall of Lucifer began. Already then you promised to do everything and to be involved that the planet Earth and all other planets can be fetched back home. Included in this is that you have the understanding in your soul that energetic patterns that are only intended for the golden-blue frequency are necessary for this.

After this the green frequency, known as the Mayans, follows, who went in search of the crystal skulls and absorb various patterns in order to activate these crystal skulls.

After this the yellow frequency follows. It is the frequency of sounds, music, arts. These human beings and souls also embed their very own patterns with which they guide human beings into awakening.

After this the orange colored frequency follows. It is the frequency of the mantras, of satsang.

The biggest of all frequencies – and Kryon will still talk about it at the end – is the red frequency. It is the outer collective. It is like a big, big energetic pot in which all sorts of frequencies move inside each other.

Thus you can say, all the sleeping ones in the red frequency can just as well belong to the golden-blue frequency, the yellow or the green or the orange colored one.

After this the violet frequency follows. The frequency of meditation and silence.

Then the turquoise-golden frequency, the frequency of the new children, as well as the red-pink frequency – it is also the frequency of the new children – are next.

The then following frequency, the golden frequency, is the frequency of the nature spirits.

After that the magenta colored frequency follows. It is the scientific frequency.

Then the brown frequency follows. This is the frequency of the mights, the secret mights, the countermovement.

And then the white frequency, the Earth karma, follows.

And thus each original frequency has its very own patterns. As you are the oldest frequency, you have been chosen to guide very many human beings from the red frequency, who really belong to the golden-blue frequency, into awakening. The golden-blue frequency works closely with the yellow, the turquoise-golden, the pink and the golden frequency. And still it is very important to understand that all energetic patterns of your frequency are embedded in your wisdom aspect. During the ascension these energetic patterns are released. And the more clear these energetic patterns are, the deeper and lighter you will be in the power of your work during the ascension and in the adaptation phase.

Feel your belonging once more now. And if, for example, you as golden-blue frequency absorb the green frequency, then these energies mix. And thus, when many energies mix, even though all are equally important, it becomes a bit more difficult to help the big collective to find its own frequency. And only when the red frequency has reached a certain energy expansion will Lady Gaia utter the perfect sound. Because of that we are so very concerned that you absorb the patterns of your own frequency. But it is no judgment. And Sangitar has asked me – and I can tell you, she has not asked me only once, she has asked me again and again – to mention that it is not necessary to carry out the 48 Steps or to be here. For there are also other paths of the golden-blue frequency. And these lightworkers and divine human beings on Earth who carry out the 48 Steps and the Pioneer Steps and now begin to work with the White Priesthood are those who have a very special and very deep connection with Jesus.

Sometimes we also invite other frequencies and send them an impulse to take this path of awakening. For sometimes it is also good when a few energy currents from other frequencies accompany a path. This, in turn, has a higher meaning. But still it is so important to understand that your very own frequency is the most important one. The golden-blue frequency contains the most information. Except perhaps for the magenta colored, scientific frequency. It also contains much information, but it is less spiritual.

The golden-blue frequency contains the information of the Prosonodo Light, the Eleua Energy, the White Priesthood, the inheritance of God. And it will be the golden-blue frequency that initiates the ascension. You are the oldest souls, that have incarnated in all important epochs and were involved.

When the ascension takes place, and should it come to an evacuation or to training, then it will take place in this exact cycle of the frequencies as Kryon has named them now.

The turquoise-golden and the pink colored frequencies, the children of the new age, will begin – from a certain time when the 36 High Councillors release this energy – to work in the full power and support the entire process. You have met Jesus Christ. You have been granted the initiation into the White Priesthood. And for you it will also be part of the task to guide the big collective into awakening. And thus we have decided to pass these messages about the different frequencies on to you for the first time. Trusting that your heart is open and you realize that it is no judgment which frequency somebody belongs to. All frequencies are equally important and fulfil their tasks. But the most divine human beings on Earth, when you compare numbers and leave the red frequency out of consideration, belong to the golden-blue frequency.

And from the beginning of time, from the first Step, Kryon has transmitted the message to you: the 48 Steps, the awakening finds its path and will spread all over the planet. And thus it has happened. There are Kryonstudents everywhere on your planet who are taking the path of awakening. For we need divine human beings who awaken earlier. Pioneers who dare take the path so that the frequencies that are following see your light and become courageous through that, reach the realization that they are an important part.

Many parts join together to make a picture some time. Result in a whole. And we are preparing many things beyond the veil.

Thus we are directing the energies of four planets to you on Earth. Because the consciousness is very high especially here. For that I want to say AN’ANASHA to you. And the words of the golden-blue frequency – they vibrate in a tone that you all know:

Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, So’Ham.