Landras, Partoos, Earth, Marajanas and Eris

Kryon Festival Fall 2011


Welcome Channeling Saturday
The Planets

I am Kryon and I greet each and every one of you with the words OMAR TA SATT.

A high collective has arrived in order to celebrate the festival of love and freedom together with us. You have been prepared very intensively. But the preparations beyond the veil have also been very intensive.

Kryon also greets those who may still be doubtful whether it is possible that an angel speaks through a medium.

However, you will also receive the gifts for your heart and your soul will open. For it is not possible to shut yourself off from the truth. Even if your intellect would like to tell you something else, your soul knows the truth. The messages of love that take you into freedom, that let you become what you have always been, that embed the energies so gently in you, so that you can carry out your everyday life as lightworker in complete power and freedom.

We beyond the veil do everything to support you. We do not interfere with your will, we do not manipulate. We are just full of love for you and transmit the messages of the highest realization of the light to you. Refresh yourself with it, allow yourself to relax in trust and MONA’OHA that everything that happens serves your highest good and that very many things will become easier for you because of it. For the time is near and freedom is such an important energy. For you have let yourself be restricted in your freedom in many incarnations, but also in this incarnation, for far too long. For the collective of the human beings tells you again and again how you should be, what you should do, what is right or what is wrong. But we tell you, just as you are you are exactly right and good. Just as you are you are the best the Earth is carrying. For you have so much courage, so much strength that you are walking this path of spirituality, that you put your intellect aside, open your heart and understand that there is more than your intellect allows.

Thus understand, it is the energies of the hearts, the energies beyond the veil that are being embedded in your aspects highly energetically. With each word, with each message you are inspired to arrive deeper and deeper into the realization that your life on Earth should be a nice one. Full of freedom, abundance, joy, security and peace. You will experience all that, the big and the small miracles, during these highly energetic days.

The divine Source itself breathes in a rhythm. Thus the universe can expand and everyting can exist, live and be. When the Source decides, from the divinity, to pour a shower of breath full of energy over you, then the divinity, the Royal Angels, the Throne Angels, the merkabah of God and Jesus Christ want to show you how much you are respected and loved for what you are. And it takes many preparations for the energy from the divine Source to circulate outside the rhythm of God’s Breath. And thus the preparations were made to pour forth the freedom drops of blessing over you for the opening of these days of the Festival. They flow directly into your calyces, into your aspects and into your soul. If you open yourself for this alone you will realize and feel that each preparation you experienced – no matter how intensive it was – was helpful to you. For, at the end of the day we want to bring you into the higher power of your abilities, support you again and again so that you understand how worthy you are, no matter what some human beings in the collective tell you.

Every human being on Earth bears the same yearning within. Each and every human being yearns for love, understanding and freedom. We bring these energies to you in great abundance so that you carry this love, this understanding to the human beings without manipulating it. Simply to understand that some human beings are not ready to open themselves to the high spirituality yet. To still know, with a smile, happy eyes, an open heart, that the divine light is burning in each single human being is a high form of spirituality.

And thus you will receive the freedom drops of blessing now. Kryon asks you to rise for this occasion.

{Music is played.}

When the highest Throne Angel in the merkabah of God cut himself off the merkabah of God full of love, this energy exploded and pulled a field down into the depth. Removed from the divine magnetic lines 389 planets were pulled down into the depth. Thus, for many in the universe it was a process that took place and at first nobody knew what one could do in order to fetch these planets back into the divine lines.

So the Nunis were called from another universe to put a planetary grid around the respective planets in order to guarantee that they do not remove themselves any further. And a planetary grid was also laid in each individual planet. Thus many of you think you are separated from these planets. However, through the planetary grid all planets are connected. And still an energy of duality of its own developed around each planet. Your planet was chosen for Jesus Christ to come to you onto Earth. Often unconsciously, you have sent many energies to the planets through the planetary grid.

At the moment there are five planets that are particularly expanded. These planets are called Landras, Partoos, Earth, Marajanas and Eris. Try, when you go down into the depth now, to feel the basic vibration of these planets, for they bear the same energy expansion as your planet. With one exception: Planet Landras that has already carried out the ascension and is in the adaptation phase. Feel this basic vibration. Whenever you, for example, speak your original name, group patterns are woven into the planetary grid and they flow to the other planets. It is a balance between giving and receiving, for the other planets send you energy at the same time as well.

Landras sends you energy of the Pearl Field. Eris sends you masculine energy and strength. Marajanas sends you the crystal energy. Partoos sends you grace energy. For they, too, embed these patterns in the planetary grid. And thus the energies interact, covering and raising each other. Thus a deep connection between all these planet comes into being. Begin to feel, and feel the connection through the love bond that has also been knotted between the planets. When you say your original name, now, various patterns will be brought into the planetary grid and to the respective planets immediately. At the same time strength, crystal energy, grace energy and the energy of the Pearl Field flows over to you now. For here, too, the law between giving and receiving is in force.

Open your hearts and receive this energy. Your planet was chosen to knot the love bond for Lucifer. When this love bond is expanded and awakened to life it will be embedded in the planetary grid. And when the ascension takes place any Lucifer energy will be transformed through the love energy and will expand to all 389 planets. Thus a planetary ascension can take place.

These ties between the planets are very important, for a planetary perfect tone will also sound. Just as each individual planet will utter a perfect tone and you on Earth will hear a perfect tone in yourselves.

The energy of your origin makes a significant contribution, so that highly energetic patterns of the individual tones embed themselves in the planetary grid. The energy is still flowing to you just as you are letting the energy flow to the planets. The inhabitants of Partoos, they are very close to you. They work with the grace energy very much, and they are ready for the ascension in their expansion. Planet Landras, which has already carried out the ascension, lets the energy of awakening flow into the planetary grid and it is being redirected to the four planets whose expansion makes them ready to carry out the ascension. But it is a big matter of concern to us that first a few planets carry out the ascension by their own efforts before the big planetary ascension takes place. For through that the adaptation phase will be easier for you.

Eris is a very masculine planet, very much strength and power flow. Marajanas works with highly energetic crystals, with formations, and thus raises itself steadily. And still the inhabitants of the Earth, you, bear the responsibility. For it is on your planet that Jesus Christ manifested himself as human being. He went into the duality. The Fire Pearls of the inheritance of God, which has been left in each epoch, are on Earth.

Through the initiation of the White Priesthood, through the Prosonodo Light and the Eleua Energy, through the power of origin of your original name in groups it is possible to help many other planets to expand themselves further. For the goal, the higher goal is to fetch all 389 planets back into the divine lines. You can see that this is already happening. For all structures on the outside are collapsing. There are many things you cannot hold on to anymore. But you can hold on to what is in you, to your divine might, your spirituality and your love. For many more things on the outside will change. But you have been trained and are here. You can relax, MONA’OHA.

Thus Kryon says to each individual who has come here today: Your intention that you are expressing is so extremely important. For in the big collective both sides can do the deepest work. And thus the changes can take place quicker. Even if there is chaos on the outside and everything is breaking, you are geting stronger for you know who you are. You do not close your eyes, instead you open yourself for the new and the new will become wonderful.

Thus many beings have gathered in order to take part here, to support you and to whisper the energies to you: Trust, trust, trust. We know how many fears and worries plague you in everyday life. But when you look around, all the human beings are helpless and confused about what is happening at this time. The difference is that you know what is happening and, at the end of the day, when the exterior breaks the new is born. An Earth where the human beings will live together full of joy, in human love, in abundance, in peace, in security, and open themselves to the high spirituality, just the way it was on Landras. During this time – we call it the adaptation phase – you will be in demand to expand the human beings – there will be thousands who come to you – full of love, to tell them everything, to expand their aspects, to unify them, to guide them into awakening, to initiate them into the White Priesthood, to pass on the Prosonodo Light. For the only thing that counts is love. Love stands behind each fear. Love stands behind each worry. No matter what kind of problem a human being has created for himself, he also creates the solution. Ask the human beings to direct their focus to the solution, wonderful things can happen then.

Thus you will experience many miracles during this Festival. But it is very important that you also recognize the small miracles that reveal themselves in your soul, the joy, the being together, the strength, feeling the energy, the light beings that are among you, hold you, are with you and who love you so immeasurably. For they call to you: You are just like us. We do not differ from each other, only we beyond the veil bear a higher consciousness. We want to share this with you. For you were so brave as to let yourself fall into the duality in so many incarnations.

Thus from this moment on we will transmit messages about the various planets and the planetary energies deeper and more often. For it is important to understand that it is a mutual balance between giving and receiving. If you give your pattern of your original name you give the Prosonodo Light and the Eleua Energy with your Heart Ray, if you send Crystals, you receive energies back that are very helpful to you in many ways.

You are loved immeasurably.



Partoos Ascension

In the meantime many things have calmed down on Landras.

The Pioneers on Landras, who are in the adaptation phase now, have for some time had the possibility to connect their 18 aspects whenever they want to. Consequently they can travel with their merkabah, something they really enjoy doing. With that they spread much spirituality, and many inhabitants, who had experienced an inner view before, are being guided into a stable awakening.

It’s true that water is still scarce, but this is also becoming more and more stable. Many star travelers and galactic riders are on various planets in order to collect energies and information that they bring to their inhabitants. These now live in bigger communities and work in a kind of spiritual centers. At the moment everything is looking very good.

During the Kryon Festival the ascension of Partoos occurred.

It was a very big challenge for me, for I heard about it during the Eleua transmission and had to decide when to tell the participants about it. So I asked the imminent walk-in, Angel Michael, to announce the ascension of Partoos if he wanted, which he then did.

The ascension of Partoos took place very, very gently. Very little had to be transformed, hardly anything was destroyed. The inner view of the inhabitants there took very long, approximately 22 minutes, which is long in linear time.

The tone sounded completely different than before on Landras.

The inhabitants of Partoos resemble us very much. In their entire work as well, with the exception that they are hermaphroditic. This means that they bear masculine as well as feminine energies in equal parts within. But it is one and the same form.

After the ascension had taken place and the inner view was over enormous joy and euphoria was released, with singing and dancing. This high energy of joy immediately caused another quake. But everything went very gently.

Nevertheless, more evacuations were necessary on Partoos than on Landras. Very many inhabitants were fetched onto the Ashtar ship. Training followed to release energetic patterns and connect aspects – patterns and aspects, which for some reason had not released themselves during the inner view or had not been embedded well enough so that the merkabah could not develop itself fully. Which now already enables the Pioneers of Partoos to travel to Venus.

They do not take material nourishment anymore, but live on light now. This is subject to free will and does not mean that it will be the same with us.

On Landras about one third less inhabitants than on Partoos were evacuated.

On Partoos many other beings of other frequencies were also fetched. What I think is very fascinating is that these are now working very closely with the yellow frequency, have connected with it, as sounds are very important to the beings of the yellow frequency as well.

On Partoos much work was done with the energy of grace, which I think is very nice, and at the end of the day this has helped the planet to ascend.

In the figurative sense they call it the Kingdom of the Grace Field. In contrast to the Crystal Places they have this area of grace energy that is very similar to the Eleua Energy. Thus the ascension was not really a surprise, for they already knew that this call, this tone would come.

The inhabitants of Partoos were evacuated with their body. After the planet’s ascension the colors changed extremely and also the star tetrahedrons are visible. Sherin manifested herself visibly, the Starseed arrived and everyone sang together and a light prayer was said for the planet. The singing of the angels was also audible.

It was also thanks to the grace energy that everything could be carried out very calmly and gently.

It is a bit different on Earth. Because Jesus was with us and doubted in the moment of his betrayal the seed of doubt was sown. The inhabitants of Partoos do not know doubt. That is why it was a bit easier for them.

Nonetheless I think it is impressive that we, even though we know doubt, now are at the very top of the “consciousness list”.

I can and want to only speak for the Pioneers of the golden-blue frequency, for this concerns particularly the Pioneers of this frequency. There really are very many who are in deep intention, through that much expands very quickly.

Knotting the Lucifer bond is an excellent example.

Particularly for that the grace energy of Partoos that is being drawn off and is flowing to us now is very helpful to our planet.

On Partoos it was also similar to here before the ascension. For many years they, too, received information that everything will collapse, that certain things and structures will not be able to hold on, that it will come to great changes. And suddenly there was a change and these things were spoken about much more intensively. In linear time it then still took about one and a half years until the ascension had taken place.

Up until then much on the outside had already changed. And now they have the possibility to shape all that is new.

I am one hundred percent convinced that in the adaptation phase here, we, too, as Pioneers will go ahead as example. Will lay tracks again to shape the new Earth. I can imagine that a new education system will develop. There will not be money in this form anymore. Nevertheless there will be a balance between giving and receiving in a different form. I can imagine that human beings will live together in centers or villages and everybody will work according to his ability and skill. Perhaps lay out and care for gardens or similar things. In any case, we will be in demand to lay the tracks here. For all the things that have nothing to do with love, that have something to do with power and suppression will not be able to continue and will break up.

But, seen retrospectively, just as with Landras before it was the energetic patterns that had been embedded that were very helpful for the ascension.

One of the new technologies, for example, makes it possible for the inhabitants to neutralize the harmful substances and all pollution that had, of course, also been triggered by the ascension. With the help of new technology they can create and increase water, and each Pioneer has a star vehicle he can travel with.

Not through the universe yet, but they can move from A to B on their planet very quickly with it.

Most inhabitants experienced the transition consciously with their body. Others fell into a kind of coma, and in that time the cells were reprogrammed. Energies were also transmitted to them, particularly grace energy.

The children and young persons will work in their radiant power during and after the ascension. All this will happen with embedded energetic patterns. But they will radiate very much energy that is very helpful to the entire cause.

Basically everything is going similarly to Landras, though in a more intensive form. Everything is transformed immediately and the complete truth shows and reveals itself in the soul.


Information through the medium Sabine Sangitar from November 9, 2011