How to handle emotions – Let the pain flow, don’t hold it or repress it

For many of you the last couple of linear days may have felt unlike anything you have ever experienced. It is to be noted and remembered that the New Earth is exactly this, NEW, and that ways of experiencing what is termed the “human life experience” is evolving and shifting and expanding. The old 3D earth created construct into which you were born was based on the BLUEPRINT OF PAIN, with abandonment, betrayal and grief the “programmes” that ran on the operating system that is the blueprint of pain.

When you experience life on this planet within the old 3d earth created construct you reach out for reference points unconsciously and sub consciously. These reference points sit at a human conscious waking mind level and were available for all. They were the frequencies of abandonment, betrayal and grief. So to give you an example to explain this further you will automatically reach out and find a reference for your human life experience when you interact with those around you. This helps put them into a context, the human logical mind then matches up the experience with the reference point. So take the scenario of a loved one leaving you, you will unconsciously search “why” in your human logical mind and the mind will find the reference point “love is sacrifice, love is pain”. This will then provide a context and you will then go on to accept this as this is what is being TAUGHT. Note in the example I am explaining what the human logical mind does, NOT what the heart knows for it is the human logical mind which is triggered over and over within the old 3d earth created construct.

These reference points were CREATED for the human race, they were part of the created construct which was the old 3d earth reality. Just because you have always used them at a human logical mind level does not mean they are TRUTH, indeed as they are not TRUTH and are not supported in the New Earth frequency realities hence they have dissolved.

What this means at a human conscious waking mind level is that when you have an experience there is nothing to reference it to, no context that the human logical mind can accept and so you may experience a sense of “loss” a sense of “bewilderment” and you may experience deep confusion and chaos. No longer able to just reference but now having to EXPERIENCE and this is the difference. You are here after all to have a human life EXPERIENCE and not just reference emotions into categories and accept them.

The blueprint of pain has now been released from human consciousness and is no longer accessible. Much like walking for miles with a stone in your shoe and then taking the stone out, the human race has become used to the pain blueprint. Human language evolving to confirm at all moments within the old 3d earth construct that LOVE=PAIN. This is not TRUTH and is no supported on any level.

So why are so many of you in tears and in grief? to release the stored and referenced emotions that the old 3d earth construct taught you to FILE away and therefore not experience. Many of you at this time may be attempting to reference pain as what you are going through and finding that you cannot thus experiencing more confusion and chaos. The blue print for the New Earth higher frequency realities is the LOVE that IS. This frequency is now triggering all the grief and pain that you have been taught to store deep within your BEing and as this moves and begins to flow you will begin to anchor the LOVE that IS to cellular level. However until you release the grief and pain the LOVE that IS cannot be anchored and so I would encourage you to allow the release.

The tears may make no sense to you at a logical human mind level but this is no longer the human life experience, emotions defy logic and this must be accepted and anchored, you are not a computer, you are a living, breathing BEing that has been taught to store emotion and this must be rebalanced. As a living, breathing BEing you are asked to allow the emotions to FLOW and not store them. The two scenarios (that of flow and storing) two separate frequencies and completely different experiences.

You may be attempting to convince yourself that you have gone mad and that you must pull yourself together and just “get on” with life and this will work against you. The release, the HEALING of the blueprint of pain is achieved through allowing FLOW of emotion. You will find that as you release the tears will clear and you will feel lighter. The tears will be short and frequent at times, there is no requirement to immerse yourself in the experience all over again, you are asked to allow FLOW, to allow the emotion to enter your heart space and to be experienced and HEALED with the LOVE that IS. How long this period lasts within you is guided by your SOUL, many of you have stored lifetime after lifetime and have never fully allowed yourself to EXPERIENCE. Be guided at all moments by how you feel. Give yourself permission to sit down and FEEL, to let go fully of trying to make those around you feel better for that is part of the pain blueprint.

The human life experience is personal and unique, you cannot clear another’s grief FOR them, this was taught as part of the pain blueprint in order to further trigger and further embed the frequency that you were taught was the blueprint. LOVE JUST IS and YOU ARE. Healing from within must take place before you can reach out to those around you, the reaching out done by radiating the LOVE that IS through the heart space, around, through and within you. SACRIFICE is no longer a requirement to live upon this planet and will be dissolved by the LOVE that IS each time it appears.

“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”. The human race now move into a way of living that has never before been experienced, much like a child moving from crawling to walking you are asked to be gentle with self and to allow yourself to find your feet, for soon you will be running then flying.



Clearing of Old Energies

As the New Earth continues to expand and the reality that is termed the old 3d earth created reality begins to crumble many in human form will trigger hugely.  Anything that you came here to experience under the old 3d earth created reality which involves a “karmic lesson” will attempt to ignite. This may see many of you at this time wonder what on earth is happening as scenarios that you had “thought” had long been dissolved APPEAR to ignite and to begin to manifest.  In my own personal life this has seen much shift and move with certain people who were karmic lessons once more appearing and shouting louder than ever.  However detaching from the drama and understanding that that the illusion is attempting to lower my frequency sees it dissolve once more.  Often at SOUL level WE have created these scenarios in order to show ourselves at a very human conscious waking mind how far we have shifted in our vibration and how expansive our energetic signature has become.

For many of you who have gone through various trauma this may seem to be the very last thing that you wish to do and I am not for one moment stating that you need to go back and dissolve ANYTHING, for this is not the point of the scenario being presented to you. It is presented to you in order that you can compare “something” to “something”, to show the evolution of your frequency compared to the original scenario and for many of you this will be before you consciously “woke up”.   It is vital that you do not feed the scenario and indeed you will find that any attempt to do this shifts your frequency again, a bit like you are “bouncing” off the frequency that is attempting to persuade you to align with it once more. At a human conscious waking mind level this may appear to make no sense at all and I remind you that logic plays no part in the unfolding of the New Earth around you, through you and within you.


As I have stated in previous blogs there are those who have chosen at a SOUL level to remain within the karmic wheel, the frequencies will continue to move and shift but they will not move into full expansion , all will be relative to the New Earth frequencies.  As a frequency cannot be seen by the naked human eye this may cause much confusion for the manifestation of certain frequencies will remain, by this I mean that your energy signature will still manifest a human vehicle,  the frequencies will still manifest trees and shrubs and roads and houses BUT the frequency will have elevated and expanded from the original old 3d earth created frequency.

Everything in the universe is a frequency, you may at this moment FEEL the shift, those of you who have felt you have been “kept” in place will now find that the universe is moving you, you may move house, move job, move country, move relationship etc. ALL is an overlay for what is happening in TRUTH is the re-aligning of your energy signature to the frequencies that are now flooding the planet earth.  This is what is meant by being in the flow, to allow the re-aligning for it does not always happen in one moment, it is a PROCESS and many of you at this time are still attempting to hold on tightly to a form of “control” of this process, almost demanding to be shown the next phase before giving up your current “position”.  This is not TRUTH and is not supported in the New Earth, you are asked to walk TRUTH at all moments of all moments, not to hold on to what you “have” before you decide if what you are being shown is “ok” for you or holding on tightly because you cannot “see” a human conscious waking mind level what is to be presented next.  This is highly distrusting of your SOUL and is how the old 3d earth created reality TAUGHT you to live on this planet.

I am clearly shown that my personal expansion is now to move in frequency with regard to my name on this planet.  From this moment onwards my work will appear on the internet under the name of Karen Dover, this is a change in frequency and is a reflection of TRUTH.  I ask for those who share my work out across the planet NOT to reference my “maiden” name, TRUTH JUST IS and expansion is now rapid, I fully TRUST this process and TRUST that those who align with my work will FIND MY WORK as they need it and resonate with it.

“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”.

Old Earth Reality Dissolving

It has long been stated that the New Earth reality is a SEPARATE reality from that of the old 3d earth created reality and as many of you are now experiencing this will now manifest at a human waking conscious outer reality.  The ability that many of you have to interact with the old 3d earth created reality on any level will now fully dissolve, this will see you “float” in the void until you can establish a RESONANCE with the higher dimensional reality that you dream into your outer waking reality.  This is what I have termed the “overlap”, the energetic space where the old 3d earth created reality is visible underneath the transparent New Earth reality.  It is whilst in this space that it is vital to place ALL of your energy into the New Earth so that you can begin to solidify the New Earth reality whilst ALLOWING the old 3d earth created reality to fully dissolve beneath you as it were.

The movement into the New Earth reality is PERSONAL and UNIQUE and is not ONE solid path, by this I mean there is not just one reality that is available to experience. This is in direct contrast to the old 3d earth created reality where the bondage of the karmic dimensional timelines saw you live a very constricted and suppressed reality that allowed for ZERO expansion at any level of your BEing.  This allowed you at a very human conscious waking mind level to allow your human logical mind to anchor contexts such as “fate”, “books of life” etc. These are CREATED reality concepts and are not TRUTH therefore there are not supported in the New Earth reality.

For those of you who experienced the overlay of the BEYOND THE LOOKING GLASS RADIO SHOW on wednesday 12th March this is an example of the different realities that exist. For those who could reach the show then the reality that you currently exist within overlaps the reality in which the RADIO SHOW and those who also took part exist within. For those who had difficulty and could not reach the show this is an example of trying to reach beyond a frequency that you exist within at this moment. FOR ALL IS A FREQUENCY.  Those who are now allowing the expansion of the UNIVERSE OF 3 New Earth energetic frequencies to flow through them will now find that these overlays begin to appear in all “sections” of their human life experience.

homemade bubble recipe

The “separation” of the worlds now begins in TRUTH, the birth of the New Earth reality that YOU have CREATED will now begin to manifest in your outer waking reality and this will now commence rapidly, such is the expansion that is now occurring in the UNIVERSE OF 3.  I would guide you at this time to walk in FAITH and TRUST of YOUr SOUL, that which you are experiencing is a reflection of the frequency that you are CURRENTLY running deep within your human vehicle. Attempting to change your outer waking reality will LOWER your frequency and see you begin to move back into the chaos that is the old 3d earth created reality but as this is now dissolving you will not fully walk in this reality either.

The human logical mind will begin to trigger during this process for it EXPECTS to see two realities, in many cases it will try to teach that there MUST be two separate planets and this is highly distorted. ALL IS NOW in this MOMENT, overlaid frequency upon frequency upon frequency. Imagine if you will blowing a bubble and having other bubbles begin to form around and through the bubble you have just created.  This is an analogy of what is ENERGETICALLY being created by these New Earth higher dimensional expansive energies.

New Earth

As many of you can now FEEL the New Earth energies are now heightening and expanding in preparation for the BIRTH of the NEW GOLDEN AGE OF HUMANITY which begins to enter the delivery room over the next few linear days (at a human conscious waking mind level).  For many of you the triggering will have already begun, you will be able to FEEL yourself automatically try to apply the brakes to this process. This may confuse many of you as at a very CONSCIOUS waking mind level you are ready for these changes, many of you are literally reaching out for these changes, tired of the holding patterns and yet somehow still unable to fully embrace your creations. The frequencies of the old 3d earth created reality sit at SUB and UN conscious mind levels, so whilst you may state consciously “I WISH TO”, the human logical mind is working on ways to self sabotage, this self sabotage is driven by these lower dimensional frequencies that sit hidden deep within the cellular structure of said human vehicle.

The way to work with these frequencies is to allow the frustration to ARISE WITHIN YOU. Begin to look at it, detach from the frustration itself and ask the question “what do I have to believe is true in order for this to present itself to me in this form”.  From this question you will begin to get some answers from your SOUL, be open to how these answers are delivered to you, they may come via dreamtime, they may come through those around you.  It is often the actual use of human language that illuminates this for you and you may attempt to filter this out.  Why did you choose the words that you chose to describe your situation and your frustration? these types of questions when LISTENED to are helpful. They are not stated in order to trigger the human logical mind, that is do not ask them in order to solve “the puzzle” (in TRUTH there is no puzzle you are TAUGHT there is).  Ask the question, you can do this silently and then FEEL the answer.

Communication between those who have taken human form upon and within this planet and ALL who are incarnate in the UNIVERSE OF 3 at this time is heightening and deepening for just this scenario. ALL is hidden in plain view, when you reach a level of expansion of clarity of vision it is often staggering just how obvious the answer is, it will have literally been staring you in the face but the frequency that prevented you from viewing was anchored deeply. Trying to solve “the puzzle” will see you walking blindly down a very dark street wearing a blindfold. ALL IS FREQUENCY in the universe, NO ONE is keeping anything from you, quite the opposite however the frequencies of the old 3d earth created reality were created in order to blind you.  Therefore there is NO servitude in berating yourself for not being able to see something when it is illuminated. This is a tool of the old 3d earth created reality designed to re-lower your energy signature for each moment of clarity will see you NATURALLY RISE in energy signature.

The codings that are sent out via these blogs and are sent out energetically across and through planet earth work to release these frequencies, this is why I continually state that the unfolding of a new reality is a highly PERSONAL and UNIQUE perspective for only YOU are incarnate into the human vehicle that you are. How this human vehicle interprets the DATA that is sent energetically to it from the universe is PERSONAL and UNIQUE.  It is NOT TRUTH to assume that all can interpret in the same way, this is a teaching of the old 3d earth created reality which seeks to TEACH that all do. This is why it is not TRUTH to “follow” , each perspective on this planet is unique and PERSONAL to the human vehicle that is experiencing it. This is why there are a minimum of 7 billion UNIQUE realities that are manifest upon and within planet earth.  As your human logical mind only sees the human vehicle and references the teachings of the old 3d earth created reality it ASSUMES that the entire human race live the same reality. This is highly distorted and it is this teaching that seeks to blind many at this moment and this teaching that is now dissolving for only TRUTH is supported in the New Earth.

take off

It is to be noted that “spirituality” is a prison that is holding many in place at this time, a creation of the old 3d earth created reality it seeks to teach at all times to hand over your power to a “higher” power in the universe.  A gentle reminder that ALL ARE ONE and ALL ARE EQUAL, therefore there can be NO higher power in the universe, this is also a teaching that is blinding many at this time, for how can you take and accept full responsibility for your human life experience and creations if you are placing responsibility at the feet of some “higher power”?

Yes you may be in a human form upon this planet but this is but PART of your manifestation in the universe, for you are at SOUL level vast and eternal, therefore to state that in your chosen human form you are somehow less is handing over your power to the old 3d earth created reality.  Until you can accept full responsibility for your human life experience then you are to a certain extent “powerless” for you are continually handing your power to those around you.  YOU chose this human life experience at this particular moment KNOWing at a SOUL level that you could move into full expansion and creation AT HUMAN CONSCIOUS WAKING MIND LEVEL, thereby creating HEAVEN UPON EARTH. This is not possible if you continually seek to reference your life through the “higher” power of something that exists outside of SELF, for the human vehicle is but your vessel of choice to experience this particular planet.

At this time upon and within planet earth you are asked to LET GO and BE, to enter the silence when it is needed in order to understand that which is now dissolving around you, through you and within you was never TRUTH, it was a CREATED reality into which you chose to incarnate over and over. This reality is now fully dissolving and is held in place ONLY by the frequencies that are still anchored within the human vehicles upon and within planet earth.  To live a NEW LIFE in a NEW WAY in a NEW REALITY you must first of all release ALL that you have been TAUGHT within the old 3d earth created reality in order to embrace and expand into TRUTH for TRUTH JUST IS and YOU ARE.

Change Yourself to Change the World Around You

The movement from cocoon to butterfly (see yesterdays blog post) is one that is not without some “pain”.  This pain is SELF CREATED and is a residue, an echo if you will of the old 3d earth frequencies.  YOU have been TAUGHT that in human terms your life here on planet earth must follow a set of “rules”, these rules are frequencies, generated to keep you walking blind in a world that is gaining in brightness each moment to each moment.  Many of you at this time may FEEL that you have reached BREAKING POINT, this breaking point is but the shell of the cocoon beginning to break open. It is not possible to emerge from a cocoon that is sealed, the “sealing” of the cocoon the SAFE SPACE that is created by YOUr SOUL in order for you to undergo the transformation from one BEing to another, for in TRUTH you are morphing from CONTAINED human BEing to FREE human BEing,  (caterpillar to butterfly) the frequency change vast and the cocoon needed in order for the tranformation to take place.

Many of you may mistake what I do for a way to bypass this part of the process and I would state clearly that the breaking of the cocoon is the stage that I am in at this moment in time. The old 3d earth “appearing” to pull out all stops trying to slow me down and persuade me that life is not my creation and that ALL that I KNOW is not TRUTH.  From a personal human perspective it is challenging, for the KNOWING has increased, the telepathy between myself and those closest to me at a level never before experienced and yet still my human logical mind will try to pull out “references” to other situations, other people and other events as proof that I am “wrong” in how I FEEL.  The universe works at all times to SUPPORT and my current dissolving is unlike anything I have ever experienced before.

My guidance clearly to state this publicly to allow others to understand that they are not alone in this process. I no longer have the option of not living TRUTH, any time I try to manifest anything that is not my personal TRUTH I am prevented. This has seen me walk blind to my own behaviour at times and when the “lightbulb” moment hits it is painful.  I challenge everything in my human life experience and yet there are parts of mySELF who are intent on blinding me.  The inability that I seem to have at a human conscious waking mind level to accept that I CAN HAVE ALL that I have dreamed and can have it without FEAR of upsetting others. It almost creates a paradox, where I have to anchor TRUTH and TRUST in this TRUTH and yet am presented with such information that is in direct contrast to that which I KNOW that at times it appears TRUTH has hidden itself. The human logical mind unable to comprehend and human words NOT AVAILABLE to describe that which is playing out.  Talking and talking creating more paradoxes and yet underneath ALL is a KNOWING. Many of you may be able to relate to that which I am experiencing.

The dreamtime platform now expanding and confirming to me in various ways that which is playing out. I say “Playing” out for this is a gigantic play that we walk within on this planet. ALL is a CREATION of our SOUL and we get to CHOOSE, I cannot underline the CHOOSING enough.  TRUTH JUST IS and SOUL mission has a part to play but the wants and needs at human conscious waking mind level are NOW BLENDING with SOUL mission. It is now no longer appropriate to follow guidance blindly for YOU ARE CREATING and blending with said guidance.

Many talk of a “leap of FAITH” and yet this is now dissolving, many of you at this time believe that by only TRUSTing in SELF you can walk into the New Earth and somehow YOU are fulfilling “karma”, this is distortion, as I am now experiencing, if I do not blend my wants and needs with the bigger picture then a holding pattern unfolds where I am asked to state clearly that which I wish to experience. I cannot underline enough how much fear is unearthed when working with deeply held dreams and yet within this space that the New Earth is showing me is the cocoon the fear dissolves as soon as the actual need/want is expressed openly and clearly.

Many of you have spent your entire life hiding inside of SELF, never revealing to those even very close to you that which you dream in TRUTH, the hidden needs and wants that you wish to experience in this your human life experience. This is not TRUTH and not supported under the New Earth in any form, the NEED to be honest is vital for the human race is now moving into telepathy. Already I can FEEL when someone is lying to me but this becomes more tricky to work with when the person has no idea they are actually lying to themselves.  If this is left unchallenged  it would be unworkable, a world full of human BEings KNOWING what the other person FEELS and thinks and yet unable to comprehend the need to keep a part of SELF separate from the world would create more chaos than there is at this time.

It may seem to be a natural thing to do to hold back a “piece” of SELF, a little bit that no one else in the entire world sees but it is not TRUTH, it is not WHOLENESS and it is not natural. This was a created implant, created to section off yet more of SELF from the SOUL. This is not supported and any of you at this time who are attempting to hold back from those around you may find it becoming increasing challenging as YOUr SOUL creates opportunities for DEEP communication at ALL levels of YOUr BEing with those around you and especially with husbands/wives/partners. It is NOT TRUTH to simply share parts of your life with another human being, the sacred marriage that is often talked about and distorted upon planet earth is REAL. It is the joining FULLY of two SOULs on ALL levels of BEing, it serves no one to try to fool the human level into believing that ALL is shared when parts of SELF are held back no matter the apparent logical reason the human mind will try to create.

Many of you at this time may be challenged by this and certainly relationships that are not TRUTH, that are not SOUL level communions will now begin to dissolve, the old 3d earth unable to hide them any longer as TRUTH JUST IS.  It may FEEL very uncomfortable for in essence YOU are asked to bare YOUr SOUL at a human conscious waking mind level. Many are now trying to hold on where their SOUL is asking for RELEASE, ALL that is NOT TRUTH will dissolve, all that is will strengthen. It is to be noted that SOUL family, SOUL groups and SOUL partnerships (for want of labels, labels distorting this further) are now asked to be honoured and be manifest in the physical waking reality the human vehicle walks.

This may see many challenged and many triggered, hindsight has NO place to play in the New Earth and it is vital to acknowledge and realise that the old 3d earth CREATED reality was ONE life experience and the New Earth is a DIFFERENT ONE.  If you are awake and able to discern the difference between the two then YOUr SOUL is now asking YOU to walk in YOUr chosen REALITY.  As this is created from SOUL level and understood at human conscious waking mind level it appears to manifest back to front. It may make little logical sense to experience a very deep, close personal connection with a SOUL prior to meeting them physically and the human logical mind WILL TRY TO FILTER this out. In the old 3d earth paradigms you were TAUGHT that to “meet” a life partner you had to choose from 7 billion people alive on the planet and go through a process that involved connecting at a human physical level PRIOR to ALL other levels, this is NOT TRUTH and works against your energy signature.  ALL is manifest in higher dimensional timelines and levels and the physical manifestation is the last as it is the most dense of ALL vibrations involved.  The physical meeting and connecting the very last part of the process, the part of the process that SEALS THE BOND on ALL levels.

One look at the old 3d earth teachings in respect of human personal relationships shows the distortion.  The human energy system has a vital part to play in the connection between intimate partners, it must be connected on ALL levels to be TRUTH, to be physically aligned with a partner but not aligned on ALL other levels is not TRUTH.  The human energy systems combined of two partners (sex of each is irrelevant) combine two frequencies that have connected in the physical waking world FOR A REASON, this is to access higher dimensional frequencies that cannot be reached by either party alone. This is part of a larger unfolding and birth of a new reality through, around and within the human race. It is not a frequency exchange that creates sacrifice, in the UNIVERSE of 3, 1 + 1 =3.   ONE frequency connecting on ALL levels with another CREATES AN EXPANSIVE and DIFFERENT frequency.  This is hidden in plain view and the teachings of the old 3d earth work at all times in relation to intimate human relationships to TEACH SACRIFICE for a reason, to prevent these expanded frequency patterns being created.

At this time YOU are asked to look beneath the 3d overlays that are created in order to move YOU fully into place for the birth of the New Earth through YOU, around YOU and within YOU and to FEEL TRUTH.  Understand that YOUr SOUL is now SPEAKING to YOU at deepening levels. Under the old 3d earth it barely was able to whisper, now it SPEAKS, for some of you it may be SHOUTING.  ALL is not as it appears on this planet and this TRUTH will now show itself in technicolour.



(c) Karen Doonan, all rights reserved


Perception and the use of it from an inner perspective

It may seem a rather strange subject to blog about, after all if perception is personal then why try to influence perception? well the intention of this blog is not to influence anything, rather to highlight how the old 3d earth paradigms and teachings can persuade you that a situation is other than it is in TRUTH.  TRUTH JUST IS and this is something that you are asked to work with at deeper and deeper levels at all times.  For many of you the ranting, frustration and anxiety that is being displayed within your waking outer reality may try to persuade you that your life is anything but TRUTH and this in itself is a distortion.  Whilst TRUTH JUST IS it should be remembered that anything that is not TRUTH will not be supported.  I would highlight at this moment personal relationships and how they interact with the outer waking reality in which you exist and within which you are attempting to create.

Many of you at this time may be attempting to create your dream but be in total frustration around why the dream will not manifest. It may be that you are aware of the heart and that you are connecting deeply from the heart and yet the dream is at your fingertips and no matter how hard you try you cannot seem to touch it. This in the old 3d earth paradigm would try to teach you that your dream is not TRUTH, in the New Earth you are merely asked to look again. The dream will ALWAYS be TRUTH for you were seeded with TRUTH when you incarnated, the DREAM being held deep within the heart, there it is free from the influence of the old 3d earth frequencies for they were never to flow within the heart space. They were created from the lower dimensional frequencies of fear and as such cannot flow freely around your BEing.

What may be “interfering with” ( to use a very human phrase) is those who you are attempting to manifest the dream through or with. For it is not TRUTH to birth a dream if any of the components of the dream are not TRUTH. Let me explain this a bit further for perception IS the key in this process.  In my work and my personal life I have had many lessons in “assumption”, indeed some of the deepest lessons have been personal ones, ones in which I assumed that someone or some situation was other than it is in TRUTH.  It is to be remembered that none sit in judgement of any other and I am not sitting in judgement of those situations or people. I am simply stating that I allowed myself to be swayed by the outer wrapping and did not check at heart level if ALL was TRUTH on ALL levels.

It is human nature to assume and under the old 3d earth paradigms this is supported, how often do you meet someone and then make a myriad of assumptions about them in the first couple of minutes? how often do you enter into a situation and assume how it will turn out? all is distortion and assumption is a tool of the old 3d earth. Each individual life experience is just that, individual, no two people will ever have the same life experience as it is not possible, even people standing next to each other have a different perception as they have different human vehicles that use a different way of working with the decoding if you will of what is being experienced.

For many of you at this time this will be a time of apparent deepening chaos, you may have started a business or a way of living under the old 3d earth and now be faced with it “falling apart”, the old 3d earth trying desperately to persuade you that you are wrong and that you must adhere to the old life in order to exist. What you may filter out is the components of your life, there may be certain components that are not TRUTH, unless you break down each part of your life experience and check it through the heart space then you will remain in the holding pattern you have been placed within. The holding pattern the SHELTER at this time for it is not TRUTH to have you walk in the New Earth under an assumption.

Many of you may trigger at this blog and go into defense of those whom you share your life with but the very fact that you defend anything shows that there is a level of distortion that is working away unseen and unchecked. For TRUTH JUST IS and needs no defense.  I am now fully aware that if something/someone triggers me and I jump into defending my position that I am walking blind. It is at this point I will take a step back and look again for TRUTH JUST IS.

Over the past few days the New Earth energies have shown me once more new levels of awareness and now I am looking at a situation that has seen much frustration arise within me in a new way. Processing this now through the heart space shows me TRUTH that I filtered out before and has now illuminated a part of my path that I was so frustrated about that I chose not to even interact with it. This is not TRUTH for there is no running and no hiding in the New Earth.  Something that may have many of you in anxiety. ALL is not falling apart on ALL levels, what is falling apart is the frequencies that cannot exist in the higher dimensional frequency of the LOVE that IS. if you choose to live in LOVE and to anchor only TRUTH then you are accepting the responsibility of running this frequency through your entire BEing.  There is a choice at all times of whether to fight with the old 3d earth and try to control it or simply LET GO and allow things to unfold.

Perception can be influenced many different ways, at this time you are asked to have your OWN perception around your OWN life experience and to detach from others around you. How someone else perceives your life is their affair, it is not yours.  It is ONLY your perception that counts in this your human life experience for only YOU are having this human life experience as YOU.

Be mindful of that which is NOT unfolding for you at this time, allow yourself to open to new ways of looking at situations and people. ALLOW TRUTH to be shown to you. Do not allow others to persuade you of something, rather check for yourself at an energetic level. It can be time consuming to try to work out if someone is lying or being less than honest with you. To check at an energy level and run things through the heart will SHOW you and allow you to FEEL TRUTH, this negates the working out of what was said and why etc.

As the telepathic abilities of the human race now anchor fully and expand then lying will not be an option for anyone, it will be too obvious and I would guide you to use discernment with everything that is now unfolding upon this planet.  Perception is a flow, it is ongoing, be careful of using hindsight which is a tool of the old 3d earth, hindsight serves NO ONE and is of no use.  The only moment that you have is NOW, there has never been a time when it is not NOW, so fully embrace this moment, NOW and allow all to flow in the NOW.


(c) Karen Doonan, all rights reserved