Russell Brand new political endevour…

Russell Brand has been portraying himself as a supporter of spiritual change for some time.
Mika Brzezinski would perhaps agree with this…


New Statesman have asked Brand to guest edit last week edition by writing an essay.


“Russell Brand is dating Jemima Khan (nee Goldsmith), Jemima’s father was Sir James Michael “Jimmy” Goldsmith (26 February 1933 – 18 July 1997) a billionaire financier and tycoon. Jemima has two brothers; Zac Goldsmith Tory MP who is married to Alice ROTHSCHILD, and another brother called Ben Goldsmith, who up until last year was married to wait for it …. drum roll please … Kate ROTHSCHILD! Best of all, it is alleged Jemima’s father James, had a long term affair with Princess Diana’s Mother … Incidentally, Russell Brand made an impassioned plea against BANKERS on NEWSNIGHT only yesterday (24th Oct 2013).”

Excerpt from comment on link: