change yourself to change the world around you

“…seeking the key, a voyage of a thousand miles, begins with the first step…”

The site is designed to draft out an empirical path to changing the human carbon based body into a human silicon-based body.

The basis of this is: “As within so without”. Hard as it is, the mess, injustice, misalignment, nastiness, corruption of the world out there is a reflection of what I hold inside myself.

Wow! What the heck! I thought the first time I came across this concept. And I said: “it is not possible that something that does not resonate with me so deeply (like all reality out there) is the fruit of my creation”. And then a voice said: “it is precisely because you do not know about this, that this is possible”. I could not work it out at first. I could not join the dots. It felt like a conundrum. And it was.

It was only much later that, through understanding the diabolical engineering that Lucifer and his gang had exerted on all aspects of our lives, I went: “Ah Ah”. I had finally gotten it. They had twisted, altered and confused all source of knowledge by replacing it with false, induced beliefs, laughing and commenting aloud: “They (meaning we)  will never work it out. Give them the opposite of the truth, lead them in all other directions, but the truth, and they will never work it out.”

And that piece of understanding was as good as gold. A milestone; in fact the first milestone. This made me understand why statements so much in opposition like “as within so without” and “the world out there does not resonate at all with my Heart” are both aspects of the same truth. Which is:

Yes I create my own reality and what is out there is my inner reflection. And the reason why this outer reality is so far off from the truth I hold in my Heart is because of the fact that it has been engineered to lure me into it, I have been born into it without knowing anything different.

But the crucial part was understanding that my denied emotions were fueling this adverse reality. This was a critical part of the hidden engineered plan that I was unwillingly supporting. Denied emotions are energy trapped outside God’s Loving Light. Every time I was denying an emotion, by judging against it, because, for instance, it did not feel good, the energy attached to that emotion, shoved away in my subconscious, would come back to me in the outer reality as a manifestation.

It is by letting all these emotions surface, by holding them within me with Love and Forgiveness and by then releasing them, that healing could take place, step by step, thereby gradually changing my inner reality into a progressively more aligned ME with SPIRIT. This starting changing my outer world into a reflection more aligned with my inner world. This path leads to the creation of Unconditional Love in the Heart. This path leads to shifting into a silicon-based body and ascension.

All articles published reflect one or more aspect(s) of this healing quantum journey.

Your response, input  and comments are an essential part of this experience.

Content is in no particular order since all things are connected in unity.

It is up to you to create your personal journey by letting Heart be the guide.


Wisdom’s Ripples


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