Toth – the gates of Lemuria/Ascension – update

Shyaad and Toth:

Journey to the Gates of Lemuria

I am the temple dancer and guardian Shyaad. In the epoch of Atlantis I worked for you with so many temple dancer in the Halls of Amenti. We danced the dance of life for you, guided you into deep trance so that you were able to renew yourself without having to return home. Each and every one of you has temple dancers by his side.

Our tasks as guardians at this time is to guard and to watch over the gates of Lemuria. I have come here in order to prepare you for the dance of your life in front of the gates of Lemuria. With the fire light I guide you into the epoch of Lemuria where the guardians, many beings of the universe as well as Toth have gathered in order to receive you. Thus prepare yourself for the journey of fire. Follow the rhythm of the sounds, let yourself be lead and call up the magnificent energy in you, the golden angel. And he will unify your aspects. The guardians, the temple dancers as well as I, Shyaad, we love you, honor and respect you. And I say it with the words and with the sounds as we say them: SHAN’THIE’MAA, we serve you eternally. And thus the journey will begin now.

I speak the sounds of love. I speak to you. I look deep into your soul and welcome you in front of the gates of Lemuria. I am Toth. The Lemurian fire, it burns with a radiant power that touches your soul most deeply. For beyond your intellect your soul knows what is concealed behind this gate. It is the pure energy of the divine Reality and you feel how something in you changes. The guardians, they call you to gather around the fire together with them and the temple dancers dance in the rhythm of the energy, deeper and deeper, deeper and deeper. You join this energy. And Toth calls you to activate your Sinus Ray. Put your original name on the tip in the rhythm of the energy. Now see all the light beings who have gathered, who accompany you. You will see that Shyaad is standing in front of the gate and observes the event. I call you to try and to permit yourself to follow the rhythm of the sounds by sounding your original name again and again and speaking the words: “I am SO’HAM.” I know, I know that many of you can hardly wait for the gates of Lemuria to be able to open themselves. But it is not because of us, but Lady Gaia alone decides. But we announce, we announce now, together with you, the deep intention that we are ready. We will do this to the sounds of the divine Reality. And I call you: when you rise send your divine light and your sounds, your attributes onto the gate of Lemuria with your Sinus Ray and your original name.

(Music is played)

I am Shyaad. You have gone through all the epochs. Everything began with Lemuria. With each incarnation that was filled with light and love, that you have lived, your tracks you have put down, the path of love you have chosen. All of that is the reason that you are here now. For when the gates of Lemuria will be opened it is a new beginning and the old will no longer be. Everything you have done in your incarnations, all of that mirrors itself in the Lemurian fire. You have gone through so many epochs and incarnations and have completed them. What was it that drove you to return and to return onto Earth when you had gone back home into the universe? It was the promise that you once made in Lemuria, to be part of it when the energy change takes place. You have put up with much for it and have lived through many spiritual worlds. You followed the star and announced that the savior, God’s Son, will appear on Earth, then you went the path with him. The tracks of love, the glow, deep love could develop through that and redemption. With each incarnation, with each breath, with each loving thought, with all your hope, your trust, and your awareness we have made it this far together, that the expansion is already so high that although the gate will not be opened, the sluice gates will.

And in your honor, for all that you are, what you have done and what you will continue to do the guardians, the temple dancers, Toth and all light beings have gathered. And they would like to express their respect. And thus they will dance for you once more in the rhythm of the energy.

(Feel the dance, the energy)

I am Toth and would like to bring you the message that from this moment of the present time it is possible that the gates of Lemuria will open very quickly at any time. But we will let you know. There will be lasting change on this planet. For these energies you are taking back with you now are full of Lemurian fire. And Lady Gaia will absorb the glow of this Lemurian fire. And thus Shyaad and your guardian angel will bring you back.

I say to you A NI O’HEVED O’DRACH.


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