How to change your reality

I wish to advise you to first listen to your reality the messages and beliefs you hold and the messages and beliefs given to you by others, by media and by seemingly factual evidence. With awareness choose which you wish to accept and which you wish to discard. For example, if you hear that illness is spreading across the world, choose to send love to all that are experiencing illness while choosing to affirm and make your truth that you are free from illness, always healthy and filled with vitality. Know with deep certainty that the simple belief will ensure your health and wellbeing at all times. Another example could be if an experience occurs in your reality or in the world and this creates fear within yourself and others, say No, to fear, choose to release and let go of fear knowing that in doing so you are de-energising fear within you and within other people. Then create a feel ing of love and safety within your being, think thoughts of love and safety, affirming to yourself the reality you choose to experience. Remember you are the Creators of your reality; you have the divine right to choose that which you wish to experience, this has never before been so important. If each person and soul on the Earth was to realise they have the power to choose that which they wish to create all illness, fear, poverty and any other harmful energy would be powerless and non-existent.


The Power within Us

I am Mary speaking. I greet you all with love from the heart consciousness that presently surrounds and ever more strongly permeates the Earth. You are among the first persons to receive this heart consciousness and to transmit it to the Earth and the people around you, and we thank you for that. Accept our gratitude for your being a channel for a new energy on Earth.

You are courageous, you have made the choice to be here and nowon Earth at a time when much is changing for the good, but there are also many things coming up that are painful in the form of old grief and hurts. They are coming to the surface in an extreme way at this time, and, yes, also within you.

You all carry your own personal history that goes far back through many lives. You have been on Earth many times, and each time you have tried to realize some of your deepest inspiration, which is your primary desire for being here on Earth.

Because you are so connected to this planet, you have come here as a “child” who wants to grow and learn and, at the same time, you are also somewhat of a “parent” to the Earth, the guardians that nourish life with your presence. So you are both “child” and “parent” in your relationship with the Earth. At this moment in time, the Earth wants to carry you across the bridge to a new consciousness, a new reality, a living from the heart.

At the same time, there are angels and guides in the cosmic sphere around the Earth who want to support you. We are very moved as we stand beside you and spiritually embrace you. You are so dear to us, because you are those who are doing the work, here and now, on Earth. However, you still often have so many doubts, because you have to contend with old fears.

You have come to the end of a specific path of lifetimes; you are completing a cycle. In the many lives you have led on Earth, you have gradually made the transition from ego consciousness to heart consciousness. Ego consciousness is actually a wandering consciousness, a consciousness that no longer realizes where it belongs and from where it comes. It is a consciousness cut loose, separated, and lonely in the universe. Because of this, it is overcome by fear, and from that fear, the small ego is trying to hold on to a certain control of life and its surroundings. You also tried to do that on your long journey to self-realization. Ego consciousness is part of that cycle, a phase in your evolution.

However, what happened during the ego phase has left deep traces in your consciousness, because there were periods of time when you abused your power and your control. On your journey through the universe, there was a time when you exercised your manipulative powers too heavily and with a destructive effect.

The reason I now mention this is to make you aware that you suppressed shame and guilt because of doing this, and the result is that you now have difficulty in fully implementing your strength. With the transition from ego to heart consciousness comes the regret for what you did in your past, and you never intend to do that again. The result is that many of you go too far in the opposite direction by completely giving up your strength and confidence. You are even afraid of the very idea of being powerful and confident in the world. You all have become “little mice” hiding in the wings of life, because you have this resistance against fully using your self-awareness for fear of abusing your power.

In the long series of lives you have lived on the Earth, there have also been many times that the consciousness and light that you wanted to give forth from your heart was met with misunderstanding and resistance, and this has increased your fear. The rejection you experienced has discouraged you. You have experienced both these scenarios: on the one hand, a powerful ego that was too big and later caused you shame and guilt, and on the other hand, having expressed power from the heart that was very loving, but was not accepted by the society of which you were a part.

Yes, you have come a long way. You have experienced both extremes and because of that, you now live with the remnants of that past, with a resultant lack of certainty: “May I be here; am I good enough; what do I actually bring here; who am I to want to stick my head above ground level?”

Who you are is what I want to tell you about today. You are the angels of the new age. You have come to the Earth to usher in the new time, and you come in peace. You no longer come here with the sword of the ego unsheathed, you come here in peace. Now is the time to again take up your strength and to dare to believe in yourself. Yes, you are that angel of peace, because in you the cycle of lives has come to completion: from dark to light, from ego to heart, and you now want to embrace the heart based consciousness that is the result of all that experience. You want to share it with others, because you feel: “We are one. We all are here together on Earth, and we all are part of that same consciousness. Yes, even the Earth itself is one with us.” And in all your beauty, and in all you have acquired of inner wealth, you now stand on Earth and are ready to step over the threshold. It is now your time!

But we often have to gently shake you awake, as it were. We have to always keep you focused on the next step before you, as you often drown in self-doubt. You sometimes get so caught up and overcome by the three-dimensional world around you, the things you hear on the TV news and read in the newspapers. The fears, the things people discuss, everything you hear about, what is deemed impossible, what is going wrong – all these negative messages depress you. You then experience too little room for the light that you actually are, the light that you so long for, and which you unconsciously carry so powerfully within you. You underestimate your own reality, who you are, the greatness and power that you embody, and not in the sense of manipulative power, but the power of the divine presence within you.

What is necessary for you at this time is the right balance of power. Not the power of the ego, but the power of your spiritual self, of that part of you that knows itself to be carried by a unity that permeates all life. If you can again attune to that power, and align with it, you will feel at home here on Earth, one with Spirit, with the core of who you are.
That is what you are looking for, and that can be your guiding thread to finding your way and your destiny on Earth. There is room for you all on Earth; there is an abundance that is waiting for you, wealth that wants to come to you in the form of relationships, pleasant working conditions, a fine dwelling, money. On all those levels, the Earth and the earthly reality wants to receive you. It is your own self doubt that has kept you tied in knots and has not allowed those things for you.

We ask you, we almost implore you, to believe in yourself – you are it! You are the trailblazers on Earth, the ones for whom the Earth has been waiting, for whom humanity is waiting. You are who we are waiting for, because we cannot do it for you. We can encourage you, over and over, and we never tire of doing that, but it is you who have to take the decisive step, to really trust your heart, the whispers of your intuition.
To help you a little on the road, and above all to encourage you, we want to take you to the future. We ask you to travel along with us in your heart and your imagination. Imagine that you are there, on that new Earth, and that heart-based consciousness has become a reality. Envision that the keynote of earthly reality is peace and joy.

Imagine that you are in a house situated in a beautiful, natural setting. It is your house, your dwelling, and all matter feels as if it is alive. Just look around you: the walls, the windows, the roof of the house, feel how they are more alive than what you are used to in earthly matter. Everything is luminous and radiates light, and the light does not come from the sun, the light comes from within matter itself. See yourself in that house.

Your body also has that luminous quality. The cells of your body feel radiant, vital, pure, and clean. And you wear clothes that are comfortable and flow delightfully around you. You are sitting on the floor in that house, and you feel from your root chakra the deep connection with Earth. Feel the mystery of the Earth and the life that comes from Earth, as you are part of that life. You are born from the Cosmos, but you are now part of the earthly reality, and you connect those two elements.

Then you arise to go outside. Maybe there is a door, or maybe just an opening, and you stand with your bare feet on the Earth. The sun is shining, and the sky is blue, and you feel for a moment the energy from the sun. It seems as if the sun also has a different feel to it: a brightness, a shimmer, a freedom that was not there before – and your heart is pulsing with joy.

The new birth has taken place, and you feel so happy that you have a desire to celebrate it with others. You are aware that your feet are carrying you to a place where other people are gathered. There, nearby, is an open place, a square perhaps, and you go to where you hear the sound of voices. You see there the faces of people who smile at you and welcome you: “We have been waiting for you”, they say. “We are not complete without you.”

You stand among them and you feel included in a quiet, gentle, peaceful way. You are simply and completely yourself; you need not be different than you are; you are yourself and you feel connected.

When all sit down in that place, everything becomes still, everyone is listening. There comes a message: your help is needed. There is a call from the old Earth that comes to you. It is the Earth that is still trapped in the old consciousness, the Earth that you as you sit here are still a part of; it is the Earth that wants to be born anew.

You send your energy from the future to this old Earth, to its old reality of fear-based consciousness that is in the middle of a birth process with painful contractions. You send forth your confidence, your knowingness, your courage, to that old reality and to yourself as you now sit here.

Return to the present and receive that energy from the future and allow it to wash over you like a shower. That freedom where you can truly be who you are is no longer that far off. Feel supported by your own greater Self, and ask it for advice. Ask your future Self, who already exists, who is actually alive inside you now! Time does not exist; it is all illusory. You can now connect with that Self who has finished the birth process.

As you hold the vibration of your future Self in your heart, the old fears, the old pain of your descent, all that struggle will be behind you. You can now celebrate life. You can hold hands with others and pass along the beautiful gifts you have to share – and you can actually share them now! Imagine that your light, your unique qualities, your beauty – all of it – is circling around this room. You radiate it outwardly and the people here are affected by it, and their path is made easier because of it. Let it be; allow the wisdom that is yours to flow throughout your body: through your heart, through your abdomen, through your root chakra. Receive from Heaven; receive from Earth; receive from the future the help that is there for you.

And when you feel the lightness that goes with it, then it is truly beneficial. Then you have connected with who you are, with your deepest core. And that is all you need to do in order to find you way in life: connect with that light, that simplicity, that ease. What flows freely is what is beneficial.

In essence, life is not difficult. You are a channel; there is wisdom and light flowing through you, and whenever you allow the connection with Earth, and share your gifts with others, you bring change to this world, while at the same time you free yourself from it. You let go, yet you leave behind a trail for others, because there will come a day when they, too, will want to let go of fear-based consciousness. You are making tracks with your energy.
Therefore, congratulate yourself and be proud of yourself. Do not look to those things that you still want to achieve. Look at all that you have already done, and what you have overcome in yourself of emotions, of fear, of limitation.

Be proud that you incarnated in a human body while sensing the promise of a new reality dawning, both inside and outside. You took the leap on faith. That is testimony to your courage and your strength! Therefore, dare to be guided by your heart in your everyday life, and make decisions corresponding with the energy you now feel, with the lightness of the new Earth. Do not go against what your gut feeling tells you, dare to trust. We love you, feel our presence.

© Pamela Kribbe


When you lightworkers release the idea that you have to struggle for anything or anyone, you will no longer be opposed by “the outer world,” by society or other people in general, for being different. You will not want to change anything and therefore you will not encounter resistance. You will know that you are welcome, that your contribution to this reality is valuable and that you are valued by others.

Are you Human?

It was a big day in the universe today for the High Councillors of the Light met in a big gathering, and that was something special even in the universe. They were always about very important things and decisions. Because of that only the highest and the elders are summoned. As always the great lights met in the big conference rooms of the energy ship of Ashtar Sheran, who had the command of this ship.

About half a light year away Master Lao Tse rubbed the last stardust out of his eyes and regarded his reflection in the rays of the sun. For today he had got himself a very nice outward appearance, for Lao Tse has a natural gift for condensing himself. As he is a very wise and old master, he manifested himself a nice white beard and was happy with what he saw. But he could not deny that he was a little nervous, for he had received a big task from Melek Metatron and had to present his results to the High Councillors today. But he was also full of joy, for at these gatherings it was always so that the great lights put on a body, and he was longing to see what ideas his friend Angel Chamuel had had. Master Lao Tse had his own small energy ship and off he went. As by itself, only a few thoughts later, he entered the big conference room.

“Oh, what joy to see you all, OMAR TA SATT my dears.” Master Lao Tse called. “What beautiful bodies you have put on.” And Lady Nada, he could not deny it, was of special beauty. With a short but intensive ELEXIER he greeted his friend Chamuel and sat down next to him. Angel Chamuel was also of considerable beauty. He wore long wavy hair and a pink robe over his body. Suddenly it became very quiet and this meant that Melek Metatron and Jesus, the Christ, were announcing their arrival. All the High Councillors rose to their feet in order to pay them respect and honor, and a flood of light flowed through the room. “OMAR TA SATT”, thus the High Councillors of the Light were greeted by Melek Metatron and Jesus Christ. They gave them a quick bow and resumed their seats.
Melek Metatron looked at his lightworkers full of love and said: “My dears, the first point of our agenda today is our beautiful blue planet earth and the human beings. My dear Master Lao Tse has received the task from me to observe the human beings from the divine reality, in order to find out how far they have progressed in their development. For the great ascension is near. The time has come that the human beings remember who they are again. Over a long period of time the human beings had forgotten who they were. A big dense veil lay over their consciousness and thus they were no longer able to feel their divinity.”

All eyes focused on Master Lao Tse. He had resolved to make known only the essential part, for you have to know that Master Lao Tse was well known to tell long stories as soon as it was his turn to speak.
Thus he stood up, looked as Melek Metatron and said: “With the exception of a very few human beings they are still sleeping.” and sat down again. Master Lao Tse was very happy with himself for he had really managed to express only the essential part. He did not notice that all eyes were still turned towards him. Melek Metatron could not hide a smile and looked at Master Lao Tse full of love and said: “My dear Master, perhaps you could explain your observations a little more?” “Oh yes, of course.” And he considered where best to begin.

“According to my observations most of the human beings don’t know yet that they are great lights in a human body. It’s true that many are searching for something, but they are searching for the greater truth outside of themselves. Many feel very small themselves and search for God everywhere except where God is: in their soul – where God resides and they would find all they need in order to realize their magnificence. I’ll be happy to give you a few examples about how human beings think and live.”
“Keep going, Master Lao Tse, let us hear them.”

And right away there was no stopping Master Lao Tse anymore.

“I have observed the human beings and they have forgotten completely who they are. With the exception of a few human beings whose soul has remembered, with a few differences unfortunately this is true for all human beings, but you know this yourselves as we are in constant contact with those whom we call the Pioneers of the Light.
Okay, I will tell you about one, please consider, just one soul now. Do you remember the soul Mira who volunteered for earth service?”
“But of course, how could we ever forget a single soul.”

Mira was a soul from the Starseed. Mira had tirelessly gone back onto earth again and again and had experienced  so many things. The last time Mira incarnated on earth the Sun God said to her: “My dear Mira, this time when you go onto earth it will be a little different than usual. For you know that you are going onto earth with a big task. As you have been able to gather so much experience it will be your task this time to prepare the human beings for the great change of ages.
We, your family, will do everything to support you.”

Planet earth

It is the year 1970. The soul Mira, who is called Fiona on earth, was 10 years old and a rather shy girl. Fiona did not have many friends for she was a bit different from most of the children her age. Fiona was a very thin and fragile girl. She often had colds and also often ran a temperature. She also often had headaches. At school her class mates mostly did not notice her and Fiona often felt lonely and alone. It is true she had very loving parents, but both of them had to work. They owned a small grocery store and had little time for their only child. Fiona loved stories. She often made the stories she had read her reality. She dreamed of becoming a great dancer, for dancing, that was something Fiona was really good at. Every evening she begged her parents to allow her to take dancing lessons. She told them about her dreams to become a dancer one day. But the parents had no sympathy for this kind of dream. The mother said to Fiona: “Stop dreaming and wake up at last. You will never become a dancer, you are far too weak and also not pretty enough. You will take charge of our shop some day. This is what we have planned for you.” The mother gave her a quick kiss and sent Fiona to bed.

Thus the years passed, and Fiona’s dreams also passed. After she finished school Fiona worked in the shop of her parents. Fiona no longer made any demands of her life, and yet a yearning burned in her that she could hardly explain. Somehow she did not feel she belonged with anybody and she was still very lonely and alone.

Fiona walked through the streets, stopped in front of a shop window and stared at a book that drew her like magic. It was about angels and masters. Fiona could hardly wait till she was in bed, for at night she had the quiet to read. Fiona did not read just the one book. In the course of time she read at least 10 spiritual books, for since then she no longer felt alone. She began to understand that there had to be more. She began her spiritual development. At weekends she went to seminars and met a nice young man there. His name was Bob. They fell in love and at last Fiona thought she had found all she needed.
But her parents had great doubts about Fiona’s happiness: The parents thought it was more than suspicious that Fiona occupied herself with such strange things as laying on of hands and similar practices that cost money on top. They also feared that Fiona could have come across a sect. Instead of accepting a nice young man such as Karl the banker, for example, their only daughter fell in love with a good-for-nothing of all people.
One evening when they were having supper Fiona plucked up her courage and told the parents that she would go to India with Bob for a while. She had other plans for her life than to take charge of the grocery shop. The parents were outraged. The mother said: “Fiona, you can’t do this to us. And anyway, what do you think can happen to you over there?” When none of that was any good the mother said: “Do you really think your Bob is serious about you? There are so many pretty girls and he will be sure to leave you some day!”

Many years later, the year 2004

At the till of a grocery shop sat a middle-aged woman and took the money for the groceries with a vacant look. What had happened?Fiona went to India with Bob, to a great master in spite of the parents’ misgivings. She had imagined it so nice. But it all turned out differently. She became very ill and no matter what she did and how often she meditated her body did not recover fully. When she could not take any more Bob left her for another woman. Completely exhausted and also full of anger Fiona returned home where her parents took her in  and said: “You see, child, we knew this right from the start. And now grow up at last!”
Fiona married Karl the banker soon after, and to make matters worse Fiona also found out that she was not able to bear children. All her dreams, all her hopes and the belief in God had burst like a soap bubble. Fiona had no dreams anymore. She did not want to see anything or hear anything anymore. The days resembled each other. Like a puppet Fiona lived her dreary life, for who was she? There were human beings whose fate was far worse than hers!

One day, however, Fiona had a strange encounter. She was walking in the forest and rested on a bench. Suddenly a woman sat next to her and looked at her so constantly that Fiona was embarrassed and looked away. It was too long since anybody had really looked at her. The woman began to speak and said: “Everything you have experienced was for your highest good, for you are a great light in a human body. You have a big task on earth. Your name is Mira and you are a starborn. Listen to the truth of your soul and begin to understand that you are more than a human being. Awaken!”

Fiona wanted to answer but the woman was already gone. It seemed to her as if she had dreamed. Fiona thought: “What if this woman is right and I have a task? Perhaps I got this severe illness in India only to return to where I incarnated? What if Bob only left me in order to show me that I could find love only in myself?”
Fiona felt how a feeling of peace and strength overcame her in her soul. Fiona cried tears that she had held back for far too long already. She felt a truth that she could not put into words. Now she also understood why she had been different already as a child. Fiona went home feeling blissful and told Karl everything.
He, however, was not happy for Fiona and threatened to leave her if she did not stop being mad right away. “And who do you think you are?” he asked. “Fiona, do you really believe that you of all people have been chosen for anything? A little saleswoman, not even particularly pretty, and you can’t even become a mother? You should be chosen? Don’t make me laugh!”

At night great doubts came to Fiona. Karl was right, who was she anyway? She had probably only dreamed it all.
Fiona decided to forget it all in order to grow up at last.

Lao Tse looked at Melek Metatron and saw that Melek Metatron, the great lord, cried. He went to the soul Mira with his energy and spoke the words:


Council of Nine: On the Path

Blue Dragon Journal

Tatoosh Ridge by Andrei Pernutter

Greetings, we are the Council of Nine.

We come today to address the rapid advancement of those who are undergoing the more advanced stages of ascension. This is occurring due to the magnificent effort by those involved in receiving the light codes and frequency upgrades being absorbed by your planetary body and your individual physical forms as the Cosmic waves come crashing upon the shore of your blue-green planet.

Additionally, more and more humans are waking up. This is evident to those who have been on the path of awakening for decades. Suddenly people who would have never considered doing research on disputed topics, are now delving into all kinds of avenues, searching for answers, questioning everything about their lives and what is going on in the world.

It is important that although YOU have been on the path for an extended period of time, you may not have the…

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New Earth

Selamat Jalwa! (Be in everlasting Joy!) We return with wonderful news! Our many earthly associates are currently arresting those who have long stood as obstacles in the pathway of your global prosperity. These events are merely the beginning of other events that will bring you a most needed new governance. This new governance will be announced shortly. First there needs to be the release of funds, a global currency reset and the formal declaration of new regulations for the worldwide banking industry. These things, when coupled with the delivery of your prosperity funds,will signal the beginnings of a new system for safely handling your monies. The grand overseer, of course, is to be new governance. We have set up a special series of events that will soon lead to the demise of the present financial system that is run by a few big banks. These large banks in turn are actually the instruments of power for a few very powerful families. Our liaisons are in contact with various individuals that have access to financial resources and legal means that are now toppling this dark cabal.

What this implies for you is that a global struggle of very powerful men and women is altering the nature of how your numerous societies have been run for literally thousands of years. We possess in these alliances the means to transfer power. The last stand of this dark cabal is occurring in closed boardrooms and secret meetings that are going on across this globe. The last vestige of this struggle is a holding action by the dark cabal. Their embargo seeks to somehow prevent the manifesting of a true global currency reset tied in closely with a return to a new gold standard. This new financial system ends the stranglehold that was set up when the U.N. sponsored Dumbarton Oaks treaty was promulgated near the end of the Second World War. A new financial system that takes into account the new financial and monetary needs of your world is desperately required. This is what a grand coalition of the Light is now manifesting.

This new system sets the stage for new governance which will make a plethora of announcements that include a full disclosure of our existence and the galactic society of Agartha. We intend to use those announcements to establish the coming first contact and open up communications with Agartha and your Ascended Masters. This is a time for Spirit; a time for new ways. The old long-keptsecrets, twisted to their liking by the dark, need to see the full Light of day! Your Ascended Masters have gladly taken on the task of publicly revealing these secrets. Lessons will be given that permit you to understand what is to be said. Right now, endless computer pages are being prepared for your mass perusal. These websites will be tied to servers that we will oversee, and much information will be passed to you. Take this in and absorb it. Along with this is an enormous prosperity program that will end poverty, homelessness and starvation.

You need to have a way to educate yourself about what all of this truly means. We are going to bring you mentors to allow you to start dialogues that can transform your perceptions about this reality and where it is going. Most of you have not spent your time learning details about your true origins and what your rise in consciousness is all about. We intend to give you a much-needed sounding board. Each of our mentors has the initial task of giving you a great deal of information and then helping you to process it. We have technology that can permit you to see and experience your past, and this will ready you for a return to full consciousness. We will give you the opportunity to visit our fleet and discover for yourselves what is expected of you. Your realm is in transition and you possess abilities that you need to develop swiftly. Both our associates and your Ascended Masters wish to aid you in receiving this great wonder that is finally to happen.

Hosanna! We are your Ascended Masters! We come with joyfully blessed news! Events are now taking shape to force those who have long ruled you to “give up the ghost.” Their power has been the arrogant rule and ill-gotten wealth they enjoyed for millennia. During that time we all suffered from their brutal and dark rule. This period is over. They continue to feed at the trough that has been set up to capture them, as their greed knows no bounds. Our divine associates have put most of them in a very uncompromising position. The rest are in conspiratorial partnership. The whole unholy lot have crossed boundaries and made themselves liable for arrest, seizure of their wealth and public disclosure of their most heinous crimes against humanity. In this position, these dark ones are pliable and we can easily sweep them inelegantly into the dustbins of history! The upcoming trials are merely the consequences of a number of quite ugly details.

The primary reasons for the long delays have been what we have just described. These obstacles are fading swiftly. The global currency reset, the new precious metal backing and new banking regulations can now manifest. These will be only the precursors for new governance and the delivery of a vast prosperity program. These items will permit us to begin teaching you about numerous sacred subjects long twisted or sequestered from you. The truth can then be fully revealed. We intend to show you a set of sacred truths that will alter your present beliefs about your past, your origin and your sacred philosophies. Those opinions that you presently hold need revision. These changes are only the first steps on your road to a true galactic consciousness. These truths in hand will allow your galactic comrades to add on to these revelations.

You have long felt uneasy about death, aging, poverty and suffering. There is a reason for your inner doubting. Galactic humans do not live as you do. They ascend after a truly joyous physical life that can last from centuries to millennia. We now have ascended, and in doing so, discovered why this is. We intend to use these lessons to answer questions that have long puzzled you. Each society has embodied traditions that paint a dark picture for humanity. The spiritual life is not to be separated from you by death. It is rather to be integrated in you by full consciousness. Your long inter-generational journey through the perilous realities of limited consciousness is to be transformed. This present revolution is a spiritual one and will bring you back to who you once were. It is to reunite you with other physical Angels and proceed with the unfolding of the Divine Plan!

Today, we carried on with the main purpose of this newsletter. We give you a glimpse into what is happening to you. Further, we have the task of preparing you for first contact and the rise in you of full consciousness. On all fronts, progress has been made and the manifesting of our mission is now happening! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)