How to handle pain, stress and disappointment

“As you are in any situation you find yourselves in, you uncover something that you have been hiding from yourselves. Seeing more clearly than ever before will give you exactly what you need, but you will first recognize that it is not about the situation you find yourselves in.

Many of you want to know why, and you want to know why because you are not only eager to get past the situation, but you want to know how to avoid it from ever happening again. We suggest that you let go of the why, and you place all of your attention on how you respond to what is before you.

The wealth of information that is given to you in your response is often overlooked. Take, for example, the times when you find yourselves confronted by another person who has something unpleasant to say to you. What is your first response? Your first response is usually overlooked – that is the response you feel in your body. You have an emotional and a physical response to what the person is saying to you.

What happens next is that you tell the other person how or why they are mistaken, or how their point of view needs to be altered. If instead your attention were to go to the physical and emotional responses, and if you were then able to give more of your focus to what is happening in your body, you would find that the response within you would carry you right out of the situation.

And this holds true for no matter what is happening in your life. Giving your full attention to how you are affected will dissolve that which is before you, because you will be attending to that which is most significant. And when you do so, you no longer need a person, an event, or a situation in your lives to get you to pay attention.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”


How did it make you feel?

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